Why You Should Not Pursue Happiness (and what to do instead)

Happiness is an illusion.

Like a mirage in the desert.

To rely on being happy to make you content, satisfied and to keep you moving forward in life is like eating celery sticks when you are starving.

You may think you’re squashing your hunger while you are chewing on celery, but you are just deceiving yourself (celery has almost zero calories).

You see, happiness is nothing more than temporary satisfaction.

It is not true contentment.

This is because the state of happiness is merely fleeting.

Cars, jewelry, clothes, diamonds, watches, houses, boats etc.. are all external, and they can give you only a fleeting (temporary) state of satisfaction (happiness).

Shiny objects (and other people) they are external objects, they are not a part of you, nor can they ever be.

This is obvious, but it gets deeper…

Not only are they separate from you, but more specifically they do not exist within your self-core.

Sure, having toys and other stuff that you like having can be fun, and I have yet to meet a successful entrepreneur or artist who does not like having nice things to show for all the work, risk and time it took to build wealth and financial freedom.

But it has been my experience that external possessions can only satisfy for a short, limited amount of time before the novelty wears off and they become just another thing in your life that you own.

“But Adi, what about traveling, it isn’t the same as buying stuff or collecting things, and isn’t that what you do to be so happy all the time?”

Traveling, if done right (especially to places you’ve never been before), is one of THE most satisfying things that you can ever do with your time on this planet.

But just like buying stuff, the novelty of it will wear out.

BUT, I would rather spend 10x the amount of money on a trip to a country/place I’ve never been before than on any material object (cars, jewelry, clothes, etc..).


But this article is not about my travels (no one cares about that).

Nor is this article about the futility of spending your money on stuff in order to become happy.

This article is about finding BLISS.

BLISS Is a State of Mind Where Everything Is Alright.

Unlike happiness, bliss can be attained without spending a single dollar, and without leaving your house or apartment.

Bliss is an inside job.

And unlike happiness, bliss does not require anything outside of yourself to obtain (it requires only knowledge and wisdom).

The good news is that you can be penniless and still be connected to bliss (not that you should ever be penniless).

Over the years there have been countless studies into what makes us feel more satisfied in life.

The scary thing that most researchers agree on is that even though we have (own) more stuff than ever before in history – designer clothes, highly paid jobs, big houses, fast cars, gadgets etc.., peoples levels of happiness is not rising, but actually declining!

Now days people are more addicted to stuff, drugs, alcohol, shopping, etc.., yet they are more depressed than ever before.

Popping “happy pills” (pharma drugs) is never gonna create bliss.

Buying a $100k supercar is never gonna create bliss.

Making $10 million dollars (or whatever amount of money you desire), although an awesome accomplishment, is never gonna create bliss.

Watching internet porn and masturbating is never gonna create bliss.

Likewise, there is no bliss to be found in chasing one sexual conquest after another, also known in today’s degenerate society as the “pump and dump”.

There is no bliss to be found in seeking approval, attention and validation from other people (i.e. social media).

There is no bliss to be found watching hours of mindless TV every day or playing video games in order to escape reality.

And there is no bliss to be found stuffing yourself with calorie laden junk food that satisfies you in the moment but leaves you looking and feeling like crap afterwards.

My friend, when you rely on porn, casual sex (hookups), junk food, consuming, social media, TV, buying stuff or any other external fixes, you are only deluding yourself (and disconnecting yourself) from the only true source of satisfaction and contentment in this world.

This true source of contentment and happiness is already within you.

You’ve always had it, since the day you were born.

But over time you were disconnected from it thanks to society and other people’s opinions.

You Cannot Follow the Crowd and Expect to Ignite Your Life From Within.

Not going to bullshit you my friend, creating bliss in your life is gonna take making some big-ass decisions.

Creating bliss in your life is never gonna work if you are intellectually lazy (like most people).

You have to put in some work and step it up if you want to feel true joy, contentment and satisfaction in your life, and transcend beyond the surface façade of “happiness”.

I will say it again: You cannot follow the crowd and stay on a path that does not excite you, ignite you, and expect to feel the heightened blissful state – that’s never going to happen.

Creating bliss in your life is not something that you sit back and wait for to happen.

You achieve it by creating a life that truly fulfills you by expanding your mind and opening your eyes (so that you can better see reality).

I call this seeing with your third eye.

Bliss does not come from judging, criticizing or putting down others.

That is what small (average) minds do.

Average minds can never be genuinely happy or content because they are not smart enough to know what they don’t know.

Average minds are forever stuck inside the confines of their petty little small minds.

You cannot think and behave like an average person if you want to tap into the real source of contentment, satisfaction and joy;


Here’s how to create Bliss in your life (this is not an extensive list, but these are the things you must do in order to transcend the petty thoughts, mindless consumption and worries of the masses) and free your mind:

  • Don’t argue with people (arguing solves nothing, it stresses you out, makes your body acidic and kills your energy and joy).
  • FAST: Minimum 12 hours a day. Try intermittent fasting. Fasting calms your mind, slows your thoughts, heightens your consciousness and awareness and sharpens your mind. Fasting also CURES and PREVENTS almost every disease and medical condition under the sun (no joke). Click here for more on the powerful health effects of fasting.
  • Be grateful for EVERYthing that you have: 3.5 BILLION people on this planet go to sleep hungry each night and don’t have any clean water to drink or shelter to sleep in at night. Count your blessings!


  • Be LIGHT-Hearted: Apart from your work, do not take yourself too seriously (in the cosmic scheme of things, nothing is THAT important or serious, including you).


  • Go for long walks out in the Sun: LEAVE YOUR PHONE AT HOME or in the car when you go outside. Bring a compass if you are out in the woods otherwise it needs to be only you and nature (you are nature too, but we’ll save that for another article).


  • NEVER stare at your phone: Your phone emits powerful electromagnetic energy that negatively affects your mind and body. Excessive electromagnetic energy exposure is the leading cause of brain cancer and brain tumors. After every 30-40 minutes of being on/using your phone, take a 30min-1hr break from using it. Do a complete screen detox where you disconnect from all electronic devices for 24 hours at least once each week.


  • Don’t hang around people who drain your energy: These are people who are too self-absorbed to care or notice the needs and preferences of others. Everyone is selfish to some extent, but the malignant, narcissistic types are toxic to your wellbeing and must be avoided.


  • QUIT your soul crushing job. Find something that you enjoy doing and lightens up your soul instead. You are not a cockroach meant to live under fluorescent lights 8 hours a day doing meaningless task for someone else (a boss).
  • Stop worrying about things that you cannot control: You cannot control the weather, you cannot control the economy, you cannot control gas prices, you cannot control other people. Worrying about something that you cannot control is pointless and a complete waste of your time and energy.
  • Eat ORGANIC meats, fruits and vegetables: You cannot free your mind and experience bliss if you are loaded with TOXINS that drain your energy, cloud your mind and lower your energy, mental acuity and joy. Eat organic or suffer the health effects of being toxic.
  • Eat Outside: Food tastes 10x better when you eat it outside in the sun and fresh air.
  • Drink water ONLY. Spring water and purified water are a must. Do not drink soda, juice or any other beverages with sugar. Diet soda is NOT OK because it contains artificial sweeteners that cause holes in your brain. (is it any wonder why most people act and behave so mindless and dumb now days?!?)
  • Drink Green Tea: Green tea has powerful antioxidants that boost your brain power and mood along with enough caffeine to energize you without making you bounce off the walls (like energy drinks do).
  • Live in the moment: Do ZEN meditation but do not allow yourself to get too disconnected from reality too often. It is only by living in reality that we can change and rise up out of our current circumstances and create a better reality for ourselves.
  • Cook most (if not all) of your own food: When you cook your own food you know exactly what is in it. Use mostly organic ingredients and never use pre-packaged items or fake flavor enhancers (artificial sweeteners, MSG, additives etc..)
  • TRAVEL: Nothing will expand your mind better and make you feel more connected to the bliss and alive than traveling. Traveling is NOT the same as being on “vacation”. Vacations are for average people who seek to escape their dull lives (existences) for a while. Vacationers are mindless consumers who go into debt while on vacation and put on body blubber from eating crappy food for days and weeks. A traveler is someone who goes to new places in order to explore and take in new sights and sounds, also known as a ‘flaneur’.
  • Avoid fast food and processed food: When you eat crap you FEEL like crap, it’s that simple. No bliss can be had when you don’t feel good from eating fake food. Nuff’ said.
  • Leave/walk away from any relationship that no longer serves you or makes you feel good. There is no bliss to be found being in a relationship with someone who does not value you and takes you for granted. I would rather be single/unmarried for the rest of my life than be tied down to a relationship with the wrong person who sucks the life, bliss and energy out of me. Sad fact; most people are TERRIBLE at relationships (especially romantic ones). Focus on becoming the best version of yourself and you will have no problems attracting someone who is right for you.
  • DO NOT watch porn or masturbate: Masturbation DRAINS your vital life energy and turns you into a walking corpse. Masturbation is the thief of joy that robs you of your vital seed that you need to succeed, dominate and kick ass in life. Occasional sex with the person you love is great, masturbation is not.
  • Do not use hard drugs such as alcohol and cocaine and never hang around people who are addicted to hard drugs. Occasionally having a drink or two is fine but imbibing in cocaine and other hard drugs is never recommended. Addiction will quickly set in and then it will be HELL on earth for you.
  • Do not overeat: Stuffing your face until your belly protrudes and aches is not an activity that creates bliss. High calorie diets are toxic to the mind, body and soul and lead to an early grave.
  • Serve Others: You are living and breathing today because of the work, sweat and effort of the people that came before you, and because of your ancestors who were intelligent enough to survive and serve/help others in order to help themselves. Never do I feel better than when I am helping, serving and teaching others. Making $500,000 dollars is nothing compared to the joy that comes from helping others.
  • STOP watching the news, STOP watching stupid movies and STOP consuming mindless content on the internet (youtube, social media etc..). 98% of the “information” and content on TV, in movies and on social media is totally useless info that you can live without forever. Go on a LOW-INFORMATION diet. Stick to the essentials and ignore the rest. Remember, when you give your mind freely to mindless entertainment, “news”, gossip, and other Bullshit, your mind no longer belongs to you, and therefore you are no longer free. Without a free mind there is NO Bliss.

Last but not least, remember that most people are so conditioned and brainwashed by society that no amount of advice can help them re-connect to themselves and find higher consciousness, meaning and experience bliss.

Most people are ruled by their egos, live inside a bubble in their heads and are controlled by their negative thoughts, behaviors and the opinions of others.

They are slaves to their desires and their lives have become tiresome, being alive is like a burden to them.

It saddens me sometimes to observe this, but it is reality.

Living from one drama to the next, working just to pay the bills, shifting from one distraction to another, constantly worrying what other people think and wasting time on stupid nonsense does not make for a blissful state of mind.

Most people believe the lie that in order to be happy they have to consume more, buy more, spend more, have more, collect more, follow the crowd and keep up with the Joneses.

I say fu*ck the Joneses.

Following the crowd is guaranteed to bring you only one thing: Discontent and the mass illusion of happiness.

Don’t be too busy being busy, disconnect from it all on a regular basis and experience the only true source of lasting joy and contentment on this planet;

A Blissful State of Mind

Until next time,


P.S. Next month I will be doing a live training on mindfulness, meditation and connecting to the bliss as part of my exclusive #nextlevelyou transformation camp. After a great turnout last summer the camp will be back and open to new registrants (we have limited spots). Message my assistant Isabella at [email protected] for more information and to see if you are a good fit.



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10 thoughts on “Why You Should Not Pursue Happiness (and what to do instead)”

  1. You have A LOT of great posts on your blog, but THIS one is one of the best. Most of your articles fire me up and motivate me, but only few of your works speak to my soul and will stay with me forever. This post is one of them. I will probably read it one hundred times over the years.

  2. Great article, it is so true that true happiness is found within ourselves. I learned that myself. However I worked on myself and eventually mastered myself, not completely but enough to make my dreams a reality. Being connected with your true self is everything.

  3. Appreciate this Adi :))

    It is like you secretly knew what I’ve been going through.
    This post came exactly at the right time, I needed this.
    My life has never been the same after finding this blog.

    God bless you, Adi, thank you, my man.

  4. I’m thankful this website exists and that you exist too Adi!
    You are 1000% correct life is so much more fulfilling and rewarding when you see beyond the “mass illusions” of society and what most people define as being happy. I don’t think you have any idea how much you’ve changed my life! Thank you my brother and Happy Easter.
    Take care.

  5. As an ex-video game addict, I can strongly attest to the truth of this article. I remember when I was a kid, I hated going to bed because I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning to keep playing so I could get to the next level of whatever game I was addicted to.

    When I began my career in finance, my enthusiasm was totally destroyed by office life. I’d hit the snooze button at least 3-4 times and spend up to half an hour in the shower half asleep because I hated my job. I ate like shit, didn’t work out, drank too much, became a low energy, beta fat bastard.

    I had a great salary too but no amount of money in the world can buy enthusiasm and energy. That has to come from you and the things that you build… Things that can grow….. Men get happiness from growth. That’s what Adi is talking about when he says it’s not about the money. Money simply measures the growth of your business, not the growth of you as a person.

    Ever wonder how so many rich people seem so depressed when they seem to have it all in the eyes of an average consumerist? It’s because they are not growing.

    I used to be baffled at how multi-millionaires could have no energy and piss their wealth away in toxic vices. Now I get it. At some point they stopped playing the game. They felt they had reached the top level but there’s always a next level. Look at Trump. Scarce minded people would think he could’ve sailed off into the sunset long ago but the guy just loves to play the game of success. He even says it constantly. He loves to win.

    The feeling I have now towards life and my business is just the same as that kid who wanted to get to the next level except now I am achieving a ton of spiritual growth in my life. My bank account is still pretty small but that’s okay. Every night I go to bed asking myself am I better man now than I was 24 hours ago? If the answer is yes then I know everything will be fine in the long run.


  6. This is diamond and platinum truth slammed down on an iron table with a thundering clang of reality.

    Nothing can be added to this article. It is absolute truth.

    Chasing happiness through external possessions and other people is a futile pursuit.



  7. Pardon if this comment is not in the right place but I was unable to leave a comment on the last podcast. I was 2 weeks into the very low carb steak, eggs, milk and butter keto diet right before thanksgiving in November. I don’t have much money so i was sticking to the fattiest most marbled meat i could afford and pasture raised eggs and milk, they are only a tiny more costly than regular. I felt calm, peaceful, strong, ambitious and my brain fog was clearing up very well.

    I was putting in the extra work i needed.

    I was also leaning out very quickly and I was the closest I have ever been to having a six pack.

    I spent two weeks with my family for the holidays. they all eat the normal american diet and drink alcohol, and i ended up eating with them for 5 days. I felt terrible with such bad brain fog i could not communicate properly, and lost my ambition very quickly.

    I can see why so many people just sit around and complain all the time. They feel terrible but probably don’t even know it.

    Fuck sugar and high carb foods. They are poison on the body and mind. Low/no carb is the way for life. Tomorrow I am going to load our fridge up with meat and milk, and get right back on top of it.


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