Why You Should Never Outsource Your Health

Today’s nutrition science is one huge lie.

To put it bluntly, science will leave you stupid, sick and weak.

People who listen to science are people who do not listen to their own bodies.

You see, people who rely on scientific studies are always going to be inferior, both mentally and physically.

This is because the only way to know if something works or not is through trial and error, and people who rely on scientific data alone don’t do any trial of their own.

These people outsource trial and error to what they think is science.

Science is not fact.

Science is what people think at a particular moment.

If science where fact, it would not change year by year and decade by decade.

If you notice, “science” is constantly evolving. And do you know why it’s constantly evolving?

Because it’s not true.

It’s never been true and it never will be true.

Science exists to get you to do something you would never do on your own, and it’s easy for the so called science to get you to do something you would never do on you own because people believe in science like people in the past believed in god.

Science is peoples new god, and they don’t question it.

They think, “ok, the scientific study says whole wheat is healthy because it’s high in fiber and it’s low in fat, so I’m going to go ahead and eat it with some fruit and vegetables and that will be great for my health”.

If you went through the trial and error process, you would know that whole wheat or whole grain foods, weather it be bread, pasta or cereal, is absolutely terrible for your health.

But when you outsource this fact to other people (science), you will never understand that.

You’re always going to think that you are right, but you will never have the experience of being mentally clear, physically healthy, serene and calm (which are just a few benefits of eliminating whole wheat and wheat grains).

If you outsource your health to other people, you don’t deserve health.

Read that again.

And do you know what?

If you’re relying on science to do the thinking for you, to tell you how to eat and live, you don’t deserve to be healthy and happy.

It’s a simple as that.

Because when you outsource your own health, care and the well-being of your own body, you break the laws of nature.

Nature demands that you try something and see if it works or not.

Nature also demands that if you do something and it does not work, you stop doing it.

But that’s not what we see in our modern world.

People are told by “science” (the new god) to eat whole grain wheat, legumes, beans, fruits (most fruits are loaded with fructose and are anything but healthy).

And people don’t question it, they just eat it.

People don’t have any clue how mentally unstable and ill they are because they never question what they put in (and on) their bodies.

Just like people never question the past, the church, etc..

If you outsource the care and health of your well-being to hospitals and doctors, you have to realize that they don’t care about you as much as they care about themselves.

Why would somebody become a doctor?

To help people?


Think about it.

To make a lot of money?

Sure, that’s one reason, but it’s not the primary reason.

People become doctors to achieve social status.

Number two is to make money, followed by helping people.

Now, if you’re sick, what in the world do you want more?

To get well of course.

What does the doctor want most?

Social status, which has nothing to do with your health and wellness.


The second reason why someone becomes a doctor is because of money, followed by wanting to help people.

However, if a doctor cures you, the money stops.

If they cure you, they stop making money from you. And we know that they care more about money than they care about your health, and do you know why?

Because it is a law of human nature.

It’s a law of nature to care about yourself.

There is no animal in nature that cares about others more than it cares about itself.

All people on earth care about their own well-being more than your well-being.

Doctors exist to make money at your expense.

If you are so stupid that you outsource the health, care and wellness of your own being, you don’t deserve to be healthy and you deserve to have everything taken from you.

That is simply a law of a nature.

Outsourcing the care and well-being of your own body is the same as committing suicide.

No one will care about you more than you will care about yourself.

When you rely on doctors, hospitals and science to help you, guess what?

The doctor will care about himself first, the hospital will care about itself first, an science will care about itself first.

Science is funded by companies, and most companies have an agenda as they want to survive and thrive, and they will do it at your expense.

Again, it’s a law of nature.

When you outsource your health and well-being to doctors, hospitals and science, they will pretend to provide health and well-being for you, at a very deep cost.

And the cost is that you will not get healthy. You will always stay sick if you outsource the care of your body to someone else.

Again, nature demands this.

It’s the law of nature for no one to care about you.

All beings care about their own survival, and when a being does not care about its survival, the wolves come in to feed.

This is what happens when you rely on science, hospitals or doctors, the wolves come in to feed on you.

And do you know what?

That’s exactly what you deserve.

In nature, there’s no such thing as empathy or sympathy.

These emotions have been thought to you by religion, by governments and by schools.

By listening to your government, going to college, and blindly following some religion, you have outsourced your own education.

And guess what happens when you outsource your own education?

You don’t get a proper education.

Just as you don’t get the proper healthcare when you outsource the health and wellness of your own body.

Outsourcing your education to an institution, a religion or a school means you aren’t getting a proper education.

It’s to other peoples advantage to teach you to be a slave.

To teach you to have slave emotions like empathy and sympathy.

These emotions ensure that your masters will always be able to take control of you, and you will not be able to do anything about it because you haven’t gotten the proper education, you are too weak, too docile and too domesticated.


You stopped relying on your ancestors, and you started relying on religion, governments, schools, and universities.

People now days outsource everything, from the production of their foods to the preparation of their food, they outsource their spirituality, along with their health and well-being.

This is why sadly, we live in a world of slaves.

Slaves with empathy, sympathy and other docile emotions. In today’s world, people are divorced from nature, they don’t understand it.

It’s not in the law of nature to be overly emotional about things.

But look around you, people are overly emotional about anything and everything.

You must take your life into your own hands, otherwise others will take it from you, little by little.

Let me tell you about a vlogger on youtube named furious Steve. Furious Steve made some big mistakes.

He got cancer in his testicles. He then went to his doctor and said “hey doctor, what should I do?’

The doctor said, “furious Steve, you have cancer in one of your testicles, we will cut off one of your testicles, just pay us for it”.

Furious Steve said “okay, go ahead and cut one of my testicles off doctor”.

But there was only one problem with that. Furious Steve then got cancer in his other testicle.

He made another big mistake and when back to his doctor. The doctor then said, “we’re gonna have to cut of the other testicle as well, it’s gonna cost you money”.

Furious Steve then said, “ok doc, go ahead and cut off my other testicle, and get rich in the process.”

Now furious Steve does not have any balls, and the doctors who cut them off for him, because he outsourced his own care and well-being to others, made a nice sum of money cutting his balls off.

Now, let’s just imagine that furious Steve lived a thousand years ago with his own clan, his own blood line, and they prepared their own food, with their own ingredients.

They hunted their own food.

They didn’t outsource the production of their own food, they did not go to the store and buy food in a shiny box.

They didn’t go to restaurants where they had no idea how their food was being prepared using unnatural ingredients.

They did not use any unnatural ingredients whatsoever because they made everything by themselves, as the law of nature demands you do if you want to be healthy.

Let’s imagine that for a second.

Lets imagine that furious Steve lived with his own blood, which would be his own family and people who had his own best interest at heart.

Do you think furious Steve would still have his balls today, if he did not outsource everything else in his life?

It’s a guarantee he would still have testicles today.

A guarantee.

You see, if you outsource everything in this life, it will end up costing you everything.

Doctors are not here to help you.

They are here to harm you and make money from it.

It they actually helped you, they would stop making money. If they actually helped you, there would be no need for them to exist.

You must understand this, otherwise you will be like most people and get butt f’d by the doctor.

You must care about yourself more than anyone else.

The law of nature demands that you will get eaten by wolves if you’re a docile little lamb.

This is the #1 law of nature that you must follow if you want to be healthy, wealthy and wise.

Take care of yourself first.

We hear about athletes who outsourced the management of their careers to agents, money managers, accountants, financial analysts, and then they ended up losing all of their money.

Do you think they deserve to lose all of their own money?

You bet they do.

Because they did not control their own resources.

If you are stupid enough to say “here’s all of my money, can you help me make more of it?”

“Uh, yeah, just give me all your money”

Do you see how stupid that is?

If you want to survive and thrive, you must control every little detail of your life, especially your health, no exceptions.

You control your health by what you put in (and on) your body.

Food is the #1 way to prevent any disease.

As Socrates said, “Let food be thy medicine”

Eat organic, wholesome foods only.

No processed junk, no fast food, no sugar.

Eat pasture raised and grass fed meat, some veggies, and a little bit of fruit.

Throw out any personal care items (makeup, lotions, moisturizer, sunblock etc…) that contain more than a few ingredients.

If you can’t pronounce most of the ingredients in your personal care products, throw then away.

Most personal care items are loaded with chemicals and artificial crap that your body does not recognize.

When you put something on (and in) your body which it does not recognize, bad things start to happen to your health and well-being.

Drink spring or well water, not toilet water.

If you are buying bottled water, it should be spring or well/artisan well water only, not purified or “drinking” water.

Any other water other than spring or well water (including tap water) is toilet water.

If you want to know how pure the water you are drinking is, boil it for several minutes.

If you start seeing any sediments, black or gray matter collecting at the bottom, it’s toilet water.

Toilet water contains zero minerals, and it’s contaminated with fluoride, which is a known health hazard, along with trace amounts of other crap that you would not want in your body.

Lift heavy things, be positive and calm, get plenty of sunshine and enough sleep, and be grateful.

Until next time,


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10 thoughts on “Why You Should Never Outsource Your Health”

  1. I agree with everything said. I think people these days are brainwashed, especially people here in the United States. The sheep mentally is all too real just look around people following each other over the cliffs edge. Thinking for yourself is ancient history to most people.

  2. The problem is doctors in America want to be millionaires. I live in UK where the health system is far better than in the United states, primarily because doctors don’t get paid a six figure sum.

  3. Does a very low carb diet promote higher cortisol production and suppress your testosterone levels? Realize my question is not related to the topic of this article, appreciate your advice

  4. how can I satay healthy on a small budget? I do not have much to spend when I’m at the gorcery store and buying organic is not doable for me. I am unemployed.

    • Keep your grocery shopping simple. Cottage cheese, tuna, chicken drumsticks, liver and eggs are some of the most nutrient dense and cheapest foods in the grocery store. Buying organic veggies will set you back just slightly more than buying conventional.

  5. What about all those official sounding scientific studies that are always touted and hyped when a new diet or training program hits the market? For example, the Atkins diet has a ton of scientific studies that prove the effectiveness of not eating any carbohydrates and the hormonal impact it has. Surely the Atkins diet is not just something made up I have been on it off and on for the past few years and it works every time I’m on it.

    • The Atkins diet works. It’s one of the few diets that do. Anytime you eliminate starchy carbohydrates from your diet, which is what the Atkins diet is all about, fat loss follows.


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