The Thing In The Darkness

There is a big problem in this world.

That big problem is called modern products made with modern chemicals.

It’s not so bad that these products exist, the big problem is your addiction to them.

You think these products are all fine and dandy but you have only seen these products in a certain light.

There is another side of modern products that you have not seen and you do not know about.

What you don’t know about is what I call…

The thing in the darkness.

The modern products on the outside of the bottle call to you sweetly and say “I will help you” but what’s inside the bottle will kill you slowly.

The modern products kill you so slow, you don’t even know it’s happening.

Even when you do know, you don’t care.

You just give up control and say, “There’s nothing I can do. Can’t the doctors help?”

Sure, when the slow sickness becomes perfect, the doctor comes to take care of you to die.

That is how doctors can help.

In the laboratory they make the chemical products and after many years the doctor comes along to help you send your soul to hell.

You think the doctor is like a god, but you can’t see that he’s like the god of death.

The doctor and the laboratory are joined together. Actually they have a friendship, the laboratory and the doctor.

The labs make the products and say “use our products” and the doctor will fix you to send you away forever.

Most Doctors Hate Natural People

When you are natural you don’t get sick, so you don’t go to the doctor, the doctor doesn’t have money so they cannot pay their mortgaged mansion or their Audi lease or their abundant student loans.

When you see people living out in nature on a farm growing their own food, they don’t have hospitals with doctors everywhere, they have a more natural life, natural water, natural food, natural chicken, they don’t have to use death (toxic chemicals) on their food.

In the forest they follow Mom of the Earth, they don’t follow the things people say on TV and they don’t use so many laboratory chemicals.

They’re afraid of these chemical products and they don’t want to pay money for them.

To them, money is expensive and they have to use it for something of real value, not just some chemical things.

The chemicals harm you, but it’s actually just humans killing humans.

Not by guns, or knives, but by products.

It’s a soft and sweet kill, like a kiss from death.

If you know this man is a killer and he has a gun in his hand, what will you do?

You will run away far and fast and hide yourself.

But when you hear them say, “Here! This product, it will help you, cheap price and good for you.”

You say, “Really? Wow I need something like this” and you’ll be happy to die for something like that.

Modern People Have a Mental Sickness

… they believe something that’s not natural.

They stopped believing in the laws of nature and put all faith in the power of money.

Because they infect your brain to make you feel good, they kill you slow.

The people in the jungle look skinny but they have a long life.

They can run so fast on their feet.

The people in the modern life they look so nice, but they walk so slow and carry much body fat, they cannot run at all.

The people in the city are just like the company chickens locked up in the cages, eating the feed and staying alive by medicine.

The organic people are just like the chickens in the backyard garden, running around in the sun and eating naturally.

The company chicken is pure white because it has never seen the sun, the garden chicken is always golden yellow.

We can easily see which chicken is healthy.

Did you ever wonder why the garden chicken is always more expensive than the company chicken?

Because they have organic food, organic life, they taste natural and good.

The company chickens just eat the feed man-made from chemicals, and the company chickens sit all day in chicken jail.

When the baby chicken is born it gets dangerous medicine shot into it’s ass to stay alive.

The modern people in the city who follow hospital rules are just like the chickens in the chicken jail.

They don’t know anything about organic life, they just show their ass to the doctor and get chemicals shot in.

They don’t even know what chemicals are shot in their ass, they just quietly accept it.

They’re on an assembly line: “#7 get your ass medicine, #8 get your ass medicine, #9 get your ass medicine.”

They go and they get their ass medicine, then they go and they get their feed.

They cannot control their life, only the doctor controls their life.

But Who Is The Doctor?

The doctor just a very normal person like everyone else, the doctor is not a god. (not all doctors are equal, but most are. There are some doctors who write books on important health topics, those, but those doctors are a rare exception, not the norm)

We even see some doctors die from cancer and other preventable disease.

There’s just one thing the doctor can help with…

The population grows too fast and something has to be done about it.

If they say to us, “Go and kill some old people”, the people will revolt and say,

“That’s some evil sh*t!

You cannot kill somebody to make room for others!”

The doctor just helps to kill somebody by medicine (and they can get money too).

We humans are not like the chicken, we’re not easy to kill.

When we are killed it makes other people angry and they protest in the street.

So they talk to the doctors and they say, “Can you help us with that?

You and I can have our great benefit together, you help me, I help you.”

See, if you kill people openly you have thousands and millions of angry people.

But when you kill people slowly from modern products and from hospital you have money and the people think you are a god.

They say, “Wow! Doctor is just like a god, he can help save a life, wow great!”

They say that but they don’t know about the thing in the darkness.

But now I have explained it to you, I have showed you what is going on.

If you find it hard to believe then maybe it is a problem of trust.

I understand that trust is always hard to find and difficult to accept, but don’t try to lie yourself and don’t be stupid anymore.

Modern life is killing you slowly, but you have a choice to correct it.

What should you do?

I will give you 5 suggestions to renew your life and give you relief…

  1. You need to know exactly what you are going to eat.

Stop sitting around doing nothing but watching TV, playing video games, surfing the internet, talking with friends for what never happens…

Spend that time to prepare your meals.

It’s easy and 100x better for you than fast food, pre-packaged meals and other junk disguised as “food”.

You don’t need to be a master chef to make an egg omelet, cut fruits and veggies, or season a cut of meat with olive oil, salt and pepper.

  1. You need to have responsibility for your health.

Throw bad chemicals in the trash, stop paying for them.

As a man you need just a few main things. These main things are:

Shaving cream
Bar soap

Stop buying girl products because they are turning you into a lady.

The items above need to be made with natural, non-synthetic ingredients. (fluoride free toothpaste and natural ingredients such as coconut oil, essential oils, shea butter etc…)

Don’t buy popular brand name toothpaste and other personal care products because they are loaded with man-made, toxic chemicals.

Be a man.

When your health is really good, you are already attractive.

You don’t have to use lipstick care, cream on your face, hand cream like a lady.

Wow, lovely attitude, like a girl.

I am tired of seeing guys like that and so is everybody else.

  1. Practice the art of doing something physical (moving your body) every few hours, every day.

Hard training will correct your mind and your body.

An hour or two of walking out in the sun will heal any illness.

When you feel good, you can work hard, and you can KILL sickness.

Especially fake sickness from your thoughts like “I need a doctor.“

You have to help yourself before some doctors or anyone else can help you.

The power of health is in your own hands and if you don’t exercise this power, you lose it.

How do you exercise this power?

By exercising, staying away from chemical things, and living a natural life in the sun.

  1. Stop being an alcoholic man (you know who you are)

Alcohol is bad for you and it affects everyone around you.

Every alcoholic man or smoking man is a no-value person with a death wish.

If you wanna go die, ok, go hit your head on the wall to be dead, then you can stop being a no-value person.

But please stop killing other people slowly by making them watch you turn into a devil.

Glass of wine with dinner once a week? Fine.
Shot of liquor once a week while grounded (not driving) Fine. 
Bottle of wine every night?.. Shots of liquor several times a week? 
Turns you into a nasty human being, a devil.

Throw alcohol and smoking away forever.

  1. Finally, I want you to always stay awake to the modern life.

Remember that the products from the beautiful looking stores shelves are poisons disguised as products that actually help you.

Don’t kiss that temptation.

The kiss from death is sweet at first, but it soon turns sour.

When you can see the thing in the darkness you can see how ugly (and deadly) it really is.

To be beautiful, it is 100% necessary that you take control of your own life and your own health.

This is the only way you renew your life:


You must stop giving control away to them (the multi-billion dollar food and drug corporations).

Because if you do, it will be the slow but sure, end of you.


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7 thoughts on “The Thing In The Darkness”

  1. Even when people find out that something is bad for them , they’ll just keep eating it.

    I told my mom that soy gives her breast cancer. She doesn’t believe me.
    She finds a good source of information that says the same thing. She takes no action.

    It pisses me off. She doesn’t think I have her best interest at heart. She’d rather eat from some pretty packages made by some asshole at a faceless corporation so she doesn’t have to do something new.

    Some people just choose to stay in the dark. I feel sorry for pets too. Pet food companies have convinced people that the only way to feed a dog is out of a bag.

    The vets get insane money to fix the problems caused by the foods they promote. People seem to think that feed is better than meat and real foods.

    It seems like all people care about is pretty little packages. Sad!

  2. Make-up is the same. All these women are caking on these chemicals only to further wear out their skin, which then requires more make up, and round-n-round we go. They’d rather look good artificially for superficial impressions than to look good naturally for the long-term. Mortgaging their future beauty for the short-term and then wondering why guys only want short-term relationships.

  3. When I travel in the “third world” I see men and women in their 80’s with lean bodies doing hard manual labour like cutting cane for example. In North America I see obese people with monstrous bellies, gray complexions, spindly legs, crooked backs, walkers and portable oxygen containers. This is the “first world” ? This is “civilization??

    It is scary and plants in weak minds the notion that by the age of 60 we are obsolete, broken and ready for the scrap heap.

    Adi makes many excellent points in this blog and those who wish to avoid the degeneration of our modern society serve themselves well by heeding his advice.

  4. The sheer depth of your words and the quality of your recent work are something to be commemorated. Adi Crnalic, you are doing God’s work.


  5. As my mentor told me before he passed last year “Everybody is crazy nowadays”.

    And he was correct.

    Everybody is so upside down and away from nature because of brainwashing to get that money out of your wallet.

    There are even companies that will “gamify” your product or content or service or whatever to get your customers fucking addicted to it.

    The rabbit hole goes deep my friends.

  6. Wow, such an astute an well worded message. This one has a real flow to it. Man, I feel the message here because I work with Doctors all the time and I rarely see people more deluded and lost in life. To work so diligently through school and to obey all the half truths they’re taught for so many years only to one day wake up and realize that a natural life is the simple solution-well, I think most Doctors choose to remain in their delusion.

    Their minds are suprisingly fragile because to admit they were wrong all along would just be too much to handle. They will highly reccommend a plethora of drugs to you but rarely, if ever will they suggest a natural life with real food, sunshine and clean water.

    Outstanding post.


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