The 7 Causes of Depression (and How To FIX Them)

Depression is caused by living a lazy, slothful, gluttonous, pointless and unnatural existence.

Boredom is probably the leading cause of depression, but a doctor can’t prescribe pills for having a white-water rafting adventure.

“But Adi, my depression is caused by genetics, a chemical imbalance, my rough childhood or (insert any other excuse that takes the blame off of me)”

That’s BS.

If you’re depressed, it’s your responsibility to fix it.

Shoveling pills down your throat isn’t a solution, it’s part of the problem.

Our grandparents didn’t shovel pills down their throats and they didn’t whine about being depressed either.

How embarrassed would you be if your grandfather ever whined about being depressed?

I would be ashamed beyond belief.

Thankfully my grandfather didn’t have time to be depressed, he was either busy building shit with his hands, working in the field on his farm, choking snakes to death with his bare hands or drinking beer and playing cards and board games.

Let’s take a look at the 7 causes of depression and the solutions to fix them:

1) Lack Of Physical Activity

If you sit around all day never getting your blood pumping or sweating toxins out, it would stand to reason that your insides are just as messed up as your outsides.

It is an obvious fact that anyone who has ever done anything physical knows:

After you do some hard physical shit, – You feel great.

You sure as hell don’t feel depressed.

Solution: Get physical.

Go to the gym and lift some heavy weights.

Go out to the garage and build something.

Do some yard work. Mow the lawn.

Go for a run. Go for a hike.

Just keep busy somehow, idleness is a soul-killer.

No one was ever depressed after a killer lifting session.

No one was ever depressed after building a house with their own hands.

No farmer was ever depressed about working on his farm all day.

He wouldn’t have time to cry about it.

2) Eating Garbage

This one should be the most obvious but somehow this escapes almost everyone – if you eat garbage you feel like garbage.

Do you think your grandfather would come home from a hard day doing physical labor to a dinner of macaroni and cheese made with margarine and skim milk, soy burger patties, and candy for dessert?  

He wouldn’t eat that bullshit and he’d slap you in the mouth with it if you tried to serve it to him.

He ate meat and potatoes and washed it down with whole milk or pure water because he knew what was good.

Solution: Eat real food, Eat meat, eat lots of it.

Eat plenty of saturated animal fat.

Drink water and milk and nothing else.

Unsweetened coffee and tea are OK.

Never eat anything made in a laboratory.

This means no chips, no soda, no crackers, no gummy bears, no chocolate (dark chocolate is OK and is good for you occasionally).

Stop eating unnatural food.

Stop overeating on unnatural food.

Most people know that they are eating crap and when they are eating it, yet just can’t get themselves to stop.

Are you really that weak minded, that soft in the head?

When you eat plenty of meat, eggs, whole grain rice, butter, potatoes, nuts and whole fruits and veggies, you have virtually zero appetite or desire for unnatural, man-made crap and you feel great, clear minded, and full of energy.

3) No Love Life

If your love life isn’t up to par it is probably because of one reason:

You are acting like a pussy.

Women already have one pussy, they don’t want another one.

I know you’ve been misled (we all have) that girls want a nice, sensitive, feminized man in touch with his feelings.

That’s sounds great on paper.

Use your eyes to figure out that that’s NOT how it works in the real world.

What works in the real world is Respect.

No one (women, especially women who say they do) respect a feminized man.

That BS is how they test you, if you give in you fail.

Ask yourself:

Would your grandpa act like a fairy to get some chicks?

Then you shouldn’t either.

Solution: Take up some manly hobbies and quit the feminine nonsense.

If you’re not a girl, don’t act like one.

Always Work on improving yourself physically and mentally and you will increase your attractiveness tenfold.

4. Working a Dull, Lazy Job

Clearly unfulfilling work, a place we spend the majority of our time, can be a major cause of feeling like crap.

Solution: You already know what I’m going to say but I’ll say it anyway:


Find something fulfilling instead.

A LIFE PURPOSE is fulfilling in ways a job can never be.

5) Relying on Entertainment to Fulfill You

The average American watches 6 HOURS of mindless TV, every day…

No joke.

I would rather be dead than forced to endure 6 hours of TV every day.

It’s impossible to not be depressed when you’re constantly bombarded with advertising for stupid stuff you don’t need.

Video games are no substitute.

The internet is no substitute.

I would bet 100% that your grandpa (maybe even your dad depending on your age) hardly ever watched TV, never watched a dumb Hollywood movie, never dicked around on the internet or played video games, yet somehow, he found a way to pass the time.

Solution: Find some better, more meaningful hobbies.

Try woodworking, martial arts, weight-lifting, weekly hiking trips, start a business or side-hustle, anything that gets you off the couch and actually doing something.

Get rid of that TV, or at the very least significantly cut time spent watching it.

6. No Family

More than half of the men I know of my generation came from a broken home.

Men no longer have an incentive to get married and have a family.

In a snap of a finger all can be taken away by the courts.

His children and money can be gone in an instant.

With odds like that it’s no wonder men don’t want to start families.

On the other hand, not having a family to care and provide for is likely the biggest cause of male depression and malaise.

A man is no longer really the man in a relationship, the State is the caregiver.

Our grandparents didn’t have any of that.

A man had a family to provide for, being a whiny depressed baby just didn’t put food on the table.

A man with a strong family is a man with a purpose. A man with a disintegrating family is a depressed man indeed.

Take a look at some foreign families in less developed countries, they never cry about depression.

Solution: For a man wanting to start a family, I highly suggest going abroad and finding a woman who has not been indoctrinated into the hypergamous, feminist and misandrous ways of American women.

For a man already married but having problems, I would highly suggest reading Athol Kay’s book “The Married Man Sex Life Primer” which will teach you how to be the leader in your relationship.

For a man going through divorce, losing his kids and money you have my deepest sympathies.

You’re in a hole and you will just have to pull yourself out of it. Frankly, this is the only acceptable cause of depression.

Just don’t let it last too long.

7. Low Testosterone

It’s hard to feel like a man when you aren’t producing your man chemical.

Solution: Get your T levels checked. Get it fixed.

Listening to depressing music, watching depressing movies etc

Do you listen to depressing music because you’re depressed or are you depressed because you listen to depressing music?

Depressing music has a depressing effect.

Stop listening to it.

Solution: Listen to music that pumps you up and makes you feel alive.

Don’t watch depressing movies.

Don’t read depressing websites.

Don’t hang around depressing people.

Cut out the crap.

It’s either upbeat, energetic and positive or it doesn’t exist.

Some tips to remember:

Don’t drink too much.

Have you ever met a happy alcoholic?

Neither have I.

Drinking every now and again is fine.

Having one or two glasses of wine with dinner is fine.

Getting hammered with liquor shots several times a week is a recipe for pussified depression.

Heavy drinking literally depresses your brain cells.

Fast for 24 hours every now and then.

That means don’t eat anything.

Fasting works wonders for clearing your mind, becoming more focused and making you appreciate food 10x more.

Fasting spikes your adrenaline hormones, which are powerful mood boosters.

Your body does not always need food, even when you are hungry.

You can survive many days without food.

Occasionally fasting for 24 hours does your body and mind a LOT of good.

Don’t masturbate too much, even better, don’t masturbate at all.

It’s unfortunate that I have to say this, but I do.

Internet porn is free and everywhere, but masturbating constantly comes with a hefty price: depression, lack of testosterone, lack of drive, lack of confidence, obvious loneliness.

Work on finding women, at the very least it will get you out of the house.

Don’t spend hours on social media every day.

Social media can be depressing when you constantly look at other peoples highlight reels.

Go outside and talk with people like your grandparents did.

Don’t spend most of your waking hours staring at your phone.

Smartphones give off massive amounts of unnatural blue-light and electromagnetic energy which literally zap your brain cells, making you feel less energetic, tired, less focused and muddy/foggy minded.

Spend your days with a purpose, a mission.

When you have no goals or desires, all that’s left is boredom and depression.

As humans we are programmed to constantly strive for new goals and achievements.

Take a look at what happens to many “retired” elderly folks.

They stop working, quit the career they’ve had for decades, their entire lives etc..

All of a sudden there is nothing for them to do, and most die of starvation (not literal starvation, but you get the point by now).

To your health & wellness,


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    • Frequent marijuana use will kill your motivation and make you lazy. Small amounts of THC edibles are OK, once or twice a week is what I would consider “occasionally”. Never ever smoke cannabis.


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