The 6 Rules of ABC

The most important rule for being a winner and living a good life is ABC.

ABC = A – Always, B – Be, in C – Control.

Be in control of everything in your life, – leave nothing important in the hands of others, and always have options.

Control your finances, control your earnings, control your relationships.

Don’t leave anything to chance when it can be controlled.

To have control over your life you must have money and the ability to earn it.

You cannot be in control if you’re broke.

You cannot be in control if you beg your boss for your bi-weekly paycheck that has been thoughtfully taxed in advance.

To be in control of your money, your income, and ultimately your happiness, follow these 6 rules…

Rule #1: Control Your Earnings

When you have a job as a wage slave you don’t pay taxes. You aren’t a taxpayer.

The government TAKES taxes.

They say “yep, that’s mine. Here, you can have the leftovers.“

And, as a wage slave, what do you always say?

“Damn taxes hardly leave me any room to breathe!”

And then you obediently go back into work day after day, again and again,
complaining the whole time, and waiting with your handout for your de-taxed paycheck.

When you are in control of your money, as in you do not have a boss, you pay appropriate taxes.

Taxes are not taken from you they are given.

When you are an entrepreneur you are a self-employed man of destiny and you control how much or how little you earn.

You don’t call anyone boss, you don’t run in fear of disappointing your boss.

The world is on your shoulders, and that’s the way it should be.

Rule #2: Control Your Finances (Money)

Never ever leave all of your money in the hands of others.

Never fall into the trap of… “Oh, I have a 401k, I’ll be fine.“

When it comes to your finances and your future, you have to take action and keep a watchful eye on your money and not let a team of complete strangers control your investments.

What is it they say?

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. For your money you can multiply that rule by 1000.

Never, ever, ever, ever keep all of your money in one spot.

Unfortunately, it cost me $9,000 to learn this lesson but it was worth every penny because I didn’t lose $90,000 or $900,000.

Always keep multiple bank accounts with a balance and always keep cash around the house.

Cash is king and you never know when your bank accounts are going to be inaccessible.

Put your cash in a safe or otherwise hide it.

It pays to be a little paranoid because you never know what will happen.

If there is one thing we’ve learned from the current lockdown and the ensuing economic sabotage it’s that our world is more unpredictable than ever before in history.

When I was visiting Mexico a few years ago my bank just decided to close my account.


“Yeah, your account has been closed”.

I called them to get it fixed and they said sure, no problem, just come in to the nearest branch and we’ll get it fixed.

Oh sure, I’m only 5,000 miles away.

I lost a dollar for every mile through late payments because it was a business account and obviously business payments stopped until I could get it fixed.

Thankfully I was ok because I had another bank account and I had cash, but I was still out 9k.

Because of that little lesson I now have 4 bank accounts spread across 3 countries, an additional two nominee bank accounts, credit cards and prepaid debit cards.

I keep balances spread out, I am not playing around and you shouldn’t either.

Never ever let one bank or institution control your money.

Rule #3: Pay In Advance

Whenever you can, don’t pay anything on credit, do the opposite and pay everything in advance.

Put very little if anything on credit.

When you have credit card bills you are a slave.

Pay for everything in advance and you will have peace of mind that no one is going to give you the good ole’ “you owe me money” speech.

Paying in advance is power, paying with credit is slavery.

Think of a credit card only as a delayed payment debit card.

I have memberships, my web hosting and one other bill directly billed to my credit card every month and I pay it each month before any interest is due.

You can also use your credit card to take advantage of frequent flier miles and other nice programs, but never, ever, ever use your credit card just to buy stuff you can’t afford to pay cash with.

If you are to use credit cards it should only be as a strategy to build your credit or to get a bunch of free stuff with your credit card points.

Rule #4: Live Below Your Means

This seems to be very difficult for a lot of people.

You don’t have to live like a country simpleton but you should not be stressed or anxious about paying your monthly bills.

If you pay everything in advance you don’t even have to worry about the big bills.

But if you aren’t in a position to pay everything in advance you need to choose your home and your car wisely.

A big house and a nice car is not worth the constant anxiety if you’re living beyond your means.

Always pay cash for your car.

In 2014 I had a five year note on my Audi , that’s five years of payments just to drive from point A to B.

It was my dream car at the time but paying monthly when you can pay once is stupid.

If your car costs 2k or 50k it doesn’t matter.

Only buy what you can afford.

If all you can afford is a 2k car then buy the car and work your ass off until you can buy that 30k or 40k car.

Let that motivate you to achieve but don’t go beyond your means.

Back in 2014 I had a $1600 monthly rent payment for a one bedroom apartment.

It’s stupid to pay so much for one person so I rented it out to a local college kid and got some of my money back.

You need to live below your means so you have some padding in case of hard times like we are going through now, especially if you are an entrepreneur or aspire to be one.

As an added bonus when you live below your means you have money to buy anything you want.

When I had a job and a set income I was always poor and had to save up to buy anything.

Now I don’t “save up” for anything, if I want something I just buy it.

That’s because I live below my means and don’t spend just for the thrill of it.

In a regular month I buy food at the grocery store and pay monthly bills like electric and internet.

I’m not throwing money away on a huge car payment, rent payment, the newest electronics, restaurants, the latest iPhone and other material stuff most people can’t live without.

That means when I want to buy something I just go and buy it and don’t worry.

When I want to go on vacation I just go and don’t worry about saving pennies.

Of course it should go without saying when you buy something or go on vacation you always search for the best deal.

Rule #5: Control Your Intimate Relationships.

Getting married is an act of surrender, of defeat.

When you get married you give 100% of your power to a woman.

Women only respect you when you have power over them.

That is as true today as it was in 1940 or 10,000 BC.

That’s why married men walk around like broke-dick dogs, because 99% of them are broken dogs.

That’s what happens when you give your power away.

A married man has no power whatsoever, his wife and the courtroom have 100% control over his children, his income and his assets.

In return for what?

There isn’t a single benefit for a man to get married.

When you get married you sign away control.

What is it the feminist pigs always say?

“It’s not the 1950’s anymore!”

And they’re right.

You don’t have to have a job, you are free to do as you wish, to go where you wish, to make as much or as little as you wish.

The irony is that living like a modern man, in debt up to his eyeballs, married to a good for nothing slob, working a job he hates, fat as can be on his way to diabetes, is probably a lot worse than a life in the 50’s and 60’s.

Now I know there are many websites telling you to never, ever provide for a woman, never be a beta provider, never give money yadda yadda.

These websites are written by guys who have a very hard time attracting women but they are 50% right.

I would NEVER give money to or financially support a modern western woman.

If I were a western man I would be a cad until I found a non-western, non-feminized, non- empowered, non-undignified woman.

If you find the correct woman it is not only acceptable to provide it’s also the only way to have complete control of your relationship.

The reality is that money is power, women are attracted to both money and power.

It’s completely true that modern women make money and have options, and that’s a huge reason why they are terrible as wives and girlfriends.

You need to have options for other women, at all times.

That doesn’t mean you always need to have 10 girls in your phone or your instant messenger ready and waiting, it just means you need to keep yourself in a state where it’s easy to attract and keep women.

The reality is that I am blessed to be tall and handsome BUT if you are not so handsome there is hope and I mean that sincerely.

Money and a dominant disposition is your salvation.

Women are attracted to men with money and always will be.

That doesn’t make them gold-diggers, it makes them women.

Men love boobs and ass, women love money and that’s life, no need to cry about it.

Rule #6: ALWAYS Have Options

Always keep options open because options are how you stay free.

Keep many bank accounts with balances spread over each.

Be an entrepreneur and make your own income.

Stay out of debt always.

Don’t leave your investment strategy in the hands of strangers.

Keep options with other women.

Have options and ideas for making a real income, not a “dream job” but a real way to make green dollars and red pennies.

Your other options don’t need to be acted upon, they just need to be there, in your mind, ready to go if a change is needed.

I have multiple income streams (options) because if for some reason (i.e. a global shutdown) occurs and income source A disappears, I have B and C so I will be OK.

I’m not relying on interviewing with some little girl in HR, going for a second interview with the gay minority HR manager, and then going through sensitivity training all so I can receive a tiny little bi-weekly paycheck already de-taxed after slaving away 40+ hours doing something I don’t like or want.

Not for me and neither will it be for you when you follow the rules of ABC.

Until next time,


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4 thoughts on “The 6 Rules of ABC”

  1. Well said Adi,

    Side hustling is something I wish I started sooner. I started buying and selling on online auction sites last year and its been providing me with a decent income on top of my “normal” job which has now been almost phased out since the shut down started. Im flipping items on eBay mostly but recently stared expanding to other online retailers to have more options. Nice article and well said there is not much control in life without money which then gives opportunity to options.


  2. I have been looking for mail order type work from home but no luck finding a good company or jobs. My question is do you think it is wise to build an ecommerece business now? After all the world economy is going thru I am not sure about beginning any type of sales business.

    I live in Australia if that is relevant.

    • Yes, eCommerce can be very lucrative if executed properly even and especially at a time like now. For any online business location is irrelevant unless you don’t have basics like housing, a steady internet connection etc..


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