The #1 WORST Place on Earth (It’s NOT What You Think)

Is it prison?


The #1 worst place on Earth is…

Drum roll…

…. …. .. ……

The hospital.

Today’s post is about the terrible treatment that you get when you go to the hospital due to a preventable medical condition.

These would be hypertension, diabetes, heart-disease, cancer (Yes, you can 100% prevent cancer), Alzheimer’s and other cognitive decline, depression and many other crippling conditions.

In the United States, the best way to describe the modern hospital setting is to compare the service they render to what you would expect at a hotel.

Just imagine checking into a hotel and being told the following:

  1. You will check in at our convenience and be placed in a room of our choosing.
  2. You will be disturbed at our convenience.
  3. You will be fed at our convenience with whatever food we choose to give you.
  4. You will share your room and bathroom with one or more total strangers who are sick and may be dying.
  5. You will be expected to go to sleep at a time of our choosing. The door to your room will be left open so that you will be exposed to noise, light and passing medical personnel throughout the night. These distractions will intensify early in the morning, which will awaken you.
  6. You will be exposed to many harmful bacteria which could lead to an antibiotic-resistant infection that might kill you.
  7. In the event you experience difficulties while staying with us, we will respond to your calls for help at out convenience.
  8. We don’t know how much money we will charge you because we don’t yet know how many doctors will examine you, what procedures and tests will be performed on you, and how long you will remain in the hospital.
  9. Even though you may be curious as to why we keep sticking needles in you, strapping you onto machines, putting fluids in you, giving you enemas, and inducing other discomforts, we are not obligated to inform you of our reasons for these procedures.
  10. You cannot check out until we pull all the needles, catheters, and other intrusive objects out of you, give you permission to leave, and force you to sign all kinds of papers.

If these ten rules sound worse than prison, it’s because they are.

At least most prisoners are in reasonably good health.

People entering hospitals are often critically ill, yet they are given medieval style treatment that sometimes makes their illness worse, causing them to contract new diseases, and causing needless death.

What would never be tolerated at a hotel is considered STANDARD hospital practice in the United States.

In today’s quasi-socialist system of healthcare, a hotel guest is treated far better than even a wealthy individual checking into a hospital. 

Keeping yourself out of the hospital is far better than ever having to stay at one, even for a short period of time.

Don’t get me wrong, if you were just involved in a car accident and one of your limbs is about to fall off, definitely rush to the nearest hospital.

What I am talking about is PREVENTABLE medical conditions…

Preventing and curing debilitating illness like depression, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, anxiety, weight-gain, obesity, and cancer is 100% POSSIBLE when you feed your body in a manner that is consistent with its design, while avoiding man-made toxins in food and the environment.

Thanks to the multi-billion dollar commercial food industry, today there are hundreds of so called health products that people are consuming every day, which are marketed as safe and “healthy”, yet in reality are destroying your health at the cellular level, leading to accelerated aging, mental decline and killer disease.

The harsh reality is that the food and drug industries in the United States conspire with each other, manipulating research in their favor and hiding the truth about the damaging health effects of their products.  

My new book Fit Body 4 LIFE is designed to give you the insider secrets that you need to know about the dozens of natural, non-drug and non-surgical ways to prevent and cure disease.

These foods, products, remedies and treatments are inexpensive, have no negative side-effects and absolutely 100 percent work.

The evidence on these natural remedies is backed by tons of solid scientific research and is overwhelmingly clear.

The pharmaceutical industry does not want you to know the truth about losing fat and preventing disease naturally.

If people knew the truth their profits would be seriously affected.

Governments, bought and paid for by the medical cartels around the world, do not want you to know the truth about these safe, inexpensive and effective non-drug and non-surgical ways to prevent, treat and cure terrible diseases.

My friends, optimal health and fitness does not come in the form of a pill, a shot, or some magical surgical procedure or treatment.

They (the drug companies) want you to believe that “cures” must be bought in the form of some expensive treatment or drug that they sell.

They have even lobbied governments around the world to pass laws which state that only a drug or approved medical device can prevent, treat and cure disease.

It does not matter that most medical scientists and holistic, natural health doctors around the world have long-ago concluded that most disease is caused by nutritional deficiencies and by eating the wrong foods too often, and by being exposed to unnatural man-made environments and toxins.

The rabbit hole goes deep.

Too deep to explain it all in a blog post.

This is why I wrote Fit Body 4 LIFE.

In it I highlight the reasons why so many people, especially in the United States and other developed countries, are needlessly suffering, and why you are gaining weight instead of losing it (even if you are on a diet).

I show you how simple and easy it is to shed stubborn fat deposits from your belly, arms, legs and other problem areas while getting off the pharmaceutical drug pushers, aka “doctors” products.

Even over the counter medicine is not safe, as taking it does permanent damage to the integrity of your precious cells.

With heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and other deadly conditions on an ever-increasing rise, you want to ensure that you never end up suffering from any debilitating and preventable disease that will put you inside the #1 worst place on Earth.

Fit Body 4 LIFE will virtually guarantee that you remain out of the hospital, especially as you age.  

You can order copy today on and you will have it at your doorstep in 2-3 days.

In addition to exposing what really goes on inside the food and drug industries, most of the supplements and natural products and foods that you’ll discover inside the book are largely unknown to the public.

Your friends, family, neighbors, personal trainers at your gym and even the so called health “experts” online do not know about this life-saving, transformative information.

To your health and fitness,


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  1. I’m loving the book Adi! Thanks for sharing your wisdom and knowledge, everyone needs to know this information it’s been eye opening for me.

  2. Absolutely right on the money! I am a former nurse in Chicago.. Thank you for sharing this information so many people walk around oblivious to the modern medical system and the abysmal treatment that happens to many patients behind closed doors.


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