Podcast Episode #9

Episode 9 Highlights:

1:23 Tips for sticking to No-Fap, No self-abuse November

3:23 Nighttime routine for taking your mind off of porn & masturbation <<— must follow

5:01 Cut out this common food ingredient to reduce urges for self-abuse

6:58 Reducing the vibration of your cells to reduce masturbation urges

8:09 Why eating the way nature intended is KEY to sticking to No-fap

9:15 How KRATOM kills urges for masturbation (and other bad habits)

11:35 How a man can achieve self-mastery

12:14 How looking to the “_____________” leads to bliss & self-mastery

12:39 Learning from the masters of the past

15:15 YOU become WHO you surround yourself with

16:38 SEX energy = LIFE energy

18:02 How TV advertising brainwashes you

19:17 How animals in the wild TRUMP humans <<— this may surprise you!

20:48 Modern degeneracy

24:56 Is eating a lot of meat dangerous for your health?

28:58 Why you should not eat a lot of vegetables and fruit

30:20 The death-cult that is veganism

33:24 The CARNIVORE diet

33:46 How to cook your meat for better digestion

36:00 Sticking to the carnivore diet (and other good habits)

40:55 How to live naturally in an unnatural world

43:53 How the governments of the world are slowly KILLING you (sadly, most people are oblivious to this reality)

Episode 9 Links & Resources

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Kratom supplements to help you curb cravings for porn and masturbation…(click to buy)