Podcast Episode 8

Episode #8 Highlights

1:06 Is coffee good to drink every day?

3:42 Vasoconstriction

5:20 Great alternative drinks to coffee

8:03 Is Kratom similar to heroin?

11:42 How Kratom helps you in the gym <<– bust through plateaus fast

13:21 How often to take Kratom

15:00 Organic cheat meals and weight-gain

17:34 How sugar messes with your mind

18:47 The right way to build a head turning six pack

25:00 The anatomy of a sclupted midsection

25:48 Personal care products that do not contain DEADLY TOXINS

27:10 Publicly traded food corporations & their #1 goal <<— hint; It has NOTHING to do with your health & wellbeing

30:22 THROW away your name brand personal care products

33:00 The DEADLY effects of artificial sweeteners, aspartame & others

35:00 Who funds the studies for artificial sweeteners?

36:36 It’s always all about the money

38:24 Excitotoxins

39:50 Personal coaching

Episode #8 Links & Resources

The best and purest Kratom available on the market: www.EarthKratom.com

The #1 gym exercise to build brick-thick abs (how-to video):


Recommended toxin-free personal care products (click to view/buy on Amazon.com):


Bar soap




The dangers of Aspartame, MSG and other artificial sweeteners:

“Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills” Book (Amazon.com)

Personal fast-loss coaching

Adrian Delorey @180 Fitness: www.180fitness.ca