Podcast Episode 7

Episode #7 Highlights

3:41 How negative emotions, if unchecked, will ruin your life

4:25 Why becoming a stoic is essential for your survival and peace

5:40 “only the strongest” do NOT usually survive

6:49 Why you should never take anything personally <<—highly critical to your success

8:28 Everybody is tuned into WIIFM (you included)

9:28 Why doing your own thing is important to reduce negative emotions

10:52 You must know what CAUSES your stress

11:26 Why “knowledge” is not power

12:52 Looking at the world as an “A—n” equals emotional neutrality

14:40 Reducing envy and jealousy & being happy for others when they succeed

16:34 Why it’s not natural to be overly emotional

18:00 Anger management

19:35 How non-organic food slowly KILLS you

21:07 Organic cheat meals

24:00 How eating conventional fruits & veggies is similar to eating metal & plastic <<– not an exaggeration!

27:12 Look at the natural world to fix all of your health, “problems” & disease <<— this is how to unfuck yourself

28:47 How you are being BRAINWASHED every day by big-pharma’s clever advertising

31:42 Unsolicited advice

35:44 Why taking over-the-counter & prescription drugs will spell the END of you

36: Why restaurant food and fast is food is highly toxic