Podcast Episode #5

Episode #5 Highlights:

(please pardon the background noise throughout due to intense storms at the beach)

4:25 The activity that you do every day that has the same negative health effects as smoking a pack of cigarettes daily <<— you must reduce this!

5:35 Careers that give you the most physical freedom & enhance your wellbeing

5:58 The #1 COST-FREE activity that significantly reduces stress, anxiety and depression and boosts your mood and immunity

7:50 How reducing your screen time makes your happier, less stressed and more energetic

8:52 How a worthwhile side-hustle can bring you closer to financial FREEDOM, & how long it will take to get there

10:10 How to start investing your spare income (and 2 great investments to make if you’ve never invested before).

10:47 Is Bitcoin a good investment or a get rich quick scheme?

12:15 More about organic… Is it actually that much better for you or is it a fad?

13:55 How to achieve mental CLARITY and double (even triple) your energy levels with zero drugs or supplements

15:53 The difference between ORGANIC beef & conventional <<— This will gross you out!

19:48 Why you MUST do cleanses and detox your body if you eat burgers and steak often

21:00 Organic meat vs. conventional – is there a taste difference?

22:00 Why you need to avoid eating farmed fish

23:29 How governments around the world CON you & how to stop getting scammed!

28:28 It’s ALL about the money!