Podcast Episode 3

Episode #3 Highlights:

2:04 Why you should NOT use a fat burner in your routine (initially) <<— Very important

4:08 How much body fat you can expect to burn in one month?

4:55 Fat Burner product recommendation

6:29 How to dose your fat burner for maximum results  

7:04 How much water to drink for fat loss

10:55 About intermittent fasting

11:45 Why going X number of hours without food is like a MAGIC fat loss wand <<– miss or ignore this & you may always struggle to stay lean

14:40 The ONE nutrient that will sabotage your fat loss efforts (don’t eat too many foods containing it)

15:45 How much protein to eat for fat loss

18:00 The lean meats that are as good as beef & chicken for building the physique

21:24 The type of cardio that’s best for fat loss & why HIT (high intensity interval) training can be bad for your health & fitness

25:11 The drawbacks of doing “traditional” cardio

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