Podcast Episode #14: Traveling, Vices, Earthing + Bloodwork

Episode #14 Highlights

0:46 The best way to travel

3:11 Take an unplanned Roadtrip

3:34 How travel enhances your QUALITY of life

6:00 Why traveling is important to your overall wellbeing

7:11 Vices and how to kick em’ to the curb

9:00 How to safely get off of TOXIC pharma drugs <<— Super important if you are taking ANY drug(s)

10:23 The negative effects of eating fruit

12:26 Is Peanut Butter bad for your arteries?

15:23 The powerful health boosting effects of EARTHING

17:08 The Gauss effect

19:03 Blood test results (& what you need to know/tips to achieve good numbers)

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Episode 14 Links & Resources:

LifeLine Screening & Prevention (blood and coronary health testing, US only):


—->> Eliminate/Eat LESS inflammatory foods to reduce inflammation (and improve your blood test results).

Note: Unprocessed (fresh) grass fed and Organic meats are OK to eat in larger amounts, just be sure to eat plenty of RAW organic fruits and vegetables every day…

Raw Veggies help your body process and digest meat and promote ALKALINITY.

C-Reactive Protein – More information (super-critical info, Drweil.com)
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7 thoughts on “Podcast Episode #14: Traveling, Vices, Earthing + Bloodwork”

  1. Interesting info on fruit. I tend to eat a lot of fruit as I started cutting my starchy carb intake (wheat, bread, pasta. etc..) several weeks ago.. What is a safe amount of fruit to eat daily without worrying about my cholesterol increasing? Please specify the amount of fructose/fruit sugar that is safe/that you eat. I am 6.0 tall about 230 pounds with 21% body fat level.


    • About 25-35 grams a day. That comes out to about 2-3 pieces of non-tropical fruit a day (apples, kiwi, berries, prunes etc..)

  2. Recently took a trip from Niagra Falls all the way down to Key West. Drove down the skyline drive Blue Ridge Parkway, would have been better on a motorcycle. Maybe one day.

  3. Alcohol as well as smoking, drugs and coffee/stimulants are forbidden in the Mormon religion. Easy to avoid them all so no vices allowed here.. All praise goes to Heavenly Father and His prophet.

  4. Interesting information. I’m definitely not a bodybuiler but I go to the gym, work out and eat healthy. Had a physical done and I’m 62 and they thought I was 45. I’m 6’1 weighing 190 lb. And I’m happy. And I take no drugs. Health and wellbeing comes first and rarely stress out about anything. Thank god for everything.

  5. Had a blood test done at my doctors several years ago, my HDL cholesterol was a tad low.. I’m in my 50’s. Thanks for the reminder to get one done again, you are 100% right nothing else is more important than knowing what’s going on the inside of you.


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