Podcast Episode #13

Episode #13 Highlights:

1:14 The 3 Keys to becoming mentally stronger

2:52 “Food” that destroys your positive mental energy

3:47 Developing superior (better) brain chemistry

5:00 WHY you MUST fix your nutritional deficiencies to prevent disease, supercharge your energy and
be Blissful <<— This is critical for your MINDSET! (see resources below)

6:50 The “secret” to success = SELF-________

9:18 The propaganda machine and your lack of positive mindset <<– This is sabotaging you subconsciously

10:07 All men are given equal OPPORTUNITY

12:21 How to become more peaceful, calmer, less anxious and more ENERGETIC & POSITIVE

13:00 The land of the free or the land of the crazy and insane?

16:21 Strong body, strong mind

17:42 Why “suffering” is not real

26:34 BLISS = Engineered happiness

33:32 Leapfrog yourself to success and Bliss!

35:49 Meditation, NOT Medication

Episode #13 Links Resources

Prescription and over the counter drugs cause the death of consciousness and awareness, and eventually of the body itself. If you value your ability to think clearly, emotional stability, and a positive attitude about yourself, avoid all drugs and read the following books: (amazon.com)

Death By Diet by Robert.R Barefoot

The Cure for All Diseases by Hulda Reghr Clark

Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine by Michael T. Murray

Essential Detox & Cleanses:

Colon cleansing, liver cleansing and Candida Cleanse – Click here for resources (podcast episode #