Podcast Episode #12

Episode #12 Highlights:

0:55 The global economic effects of “central banking” (this is affecting your life weather you are aware of it or not)

2:17: The gold standard

5:17 Is the next recession right around the corner?

7:29 Why you should NOT eat meat 1x a week

9:12 The negatives of eating dead animal flesh (meat)

11:51 Getting in the ZEN ZONE (how to meditate) <<— This will have a MASSIVE positive impact on your life!

14:07 How to instantly feel MORE alive, joyful, calm, blissful and energetic

16:34 How to CLEAR your mind

17:51 Seeing through the ILLUSION <<– VERY important to reaching your potential in life

19:30 Taking control of your subconscious mind

20:46 How to manage negative thinking

21:40 Why you must view yourself as a *Hotel*

25:05 Change your STORY to change your LIFE <<— Super critical to your success!

30:49 Mindset & Meditation Retreats (get to the next level in your life)

Episode #12 Links and Resources:

Documentary: “Nothing Federal, No Reserve: (Amazon.com)

https://www.amazon.com/Federal-Reserve-Not-No/dp/B07QNZ3X3B (if you are unable to view the Amazon video in your region, Click Here check out “Fiat Empire” DVD (another powerful documentary, eBay.com)

Doug Casey’s International Man

(learn the reality of our modern banking/money system, + how to improve your financial health/savings/investments):

Highly Recommended/Must Read Articles:

President Andrew Jackson and an Outrageous Crime Inflicted on the Next Generation

10 Reasons Why You Need an Offshore Bank Account Today

Introduction/Tips for mastering ZEN Meditation:

4 Zen Meditation Techniques Beginners Need To Know

NextLevelYou Transformation Camp Retreat (online application):

Click Here to apply and see if you’re a good fit (limited spots are available to ensure personal attention)



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  1. Zen meditation is amazing! Been doing it ever since you started recommending a few months ago.

    Eye opening info about the “Federal” reserve.. You learn something new every day, Great podcast as always.


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