Podcast Episode 11

Episode #11 Highlights

2:02 Are energy drinks safe?

2:46 Synthetic caffeine & cocaine similarities

6:32 How to STICK to fasting for 12+ hours

7:24 WHY you are constantly hungry

10:11 Squashing hunger with DARK meat

11:00 Colonizing MARS (is it possible?)

15:32 How much fiber to eat (get rid of constipation, bloating and indigestion forever)

18:31 The business of blogging

21:01 Classic movies vs. Modern movies

23:50 Why NOT to do competitive bodybuilding <<– this could save your life!

31:15 How to KICK your masturbation urges FOREVER

36:35 Striking it rich in the stock market (is it possible?)

39:37 KETO vs. Low Carb, — which is better in the long term?

Episode 11 Links & Resources:

GRAIN BRAIN (Book): Learn the effects of a High-Carb diet on your body and mind over time.

NOTE: Although I recommend reading this book, I do not advocate avoiding healthy sources starchy carbs forever (sweet potatoes, whole-grain oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, etc..). When it comes to carbs the #1 thing you must do is LISTEN to your body when you eat starchy carbs and monitor your mood, hunger and energy levels in-between meals. Click below to view/purchase the Grain Brain book on Amazon.com:

All-natural, safe and effective ORGANIC supplement to help kick masturbation urges forever:

www.earthkratom.com (click to visit)

VIDEO (YouTube.com) Learn more on why bodybuilders are dying young (great video.. be sure to subscribe to the ‘Siim Land’ youtube channel to show your support). Click below to watch: