Podcast Episode #4: July 15th 2021

Episode #4 Highlights:

2:29 The POWER of the written word

5:35 How to maintain a SIX-PACK year-round

8:00 How to naturally reduce your stress levels

9:59 The #1 food for health and strength

12:30 The primary causes of anxiety and worry (and how to eliminate them)

14:33 Why you need to AVOID food from publicly traded corporations

15:29 What parts of the grocery store you need to shop in

16:46 Why Organic food is 100x BETTER for you than conventional or “regular” food

19:01 The effects of chronic stress

20:25 How to take cold showers

23:00 Tips for sticking to Intermittent fasting

24:53 How to achieve physical, mental, financial and spiritual freedom