How to Transform Your Life Into an EPIC Adventure!

#1 Think Positive Thoughts

90% of most people’s thoughts are almost always negative and critical – about 80% of the time.

That’s 8 negative thoughts and only 2 positive thoughts out of every 10 thoughts!

And we have over 1,000 thoughts, every day.

Can you imagine waking up every morning and saying to yourself “today I will be self-critical, I will be harsh on myself and I will put myself down”?

This is exactly what you are doing if you do not take conscious control of your thinking.

I shake my head (and chuckle) when I hear people say “do unto others”, then they go on to abuse themselves (drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, not exercising, sitting around all day, eating junk food etc…), put themselves down, loathe themselves and act in all sorts of self-destructive and self-sabotaging ways.

My friend, your life cannot become a living adventure if your mind is filled with negative thoughts day in and day out.

The 1st and most critical thing that you can do to have more positive thoughts is to STOP watching the news.

It’s OK to occasionally (once or twice a week) tune into the news or open the news app on your phone, but if you make a habit of tuning into the 24/7 news cycle online and watching TV news every day, your mind will become full of fear and negative thoughts.

Do you know why the news shows you only negative events?

It’s because “bad news/headlines” SELLS a lot better than good/positive news.

Sadly, FEAR and SCARCITY based headlines attract more eyeballs than positive content, even educational content.

This means more money for the big corporations that buy the advertising on every TV channel.

Remember, it’s all about the money.

Fear is the most primitive, strongest and most basic of human emotions, so they show you nothing but bad stuff on the news.

Murders, kidnappings, robberies, shootings, the tanking economy, housefires etc..

When you watch the news you are made to believe that the world is a hostile, dangerous place full of bad people doing horrible things to the planet and to each other.

Meanwhile, outside the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and the trees are growing new leaves.

Which brings us to number two…

#2 Become a Visionary

When you stop watching the news (and cut down on TV AND social media), you free up your precious time (and mental space) to pursue your goals with a lot more passion and ignition.

Because you won’t be starting at your phone all the time, and you won’t be glued to your TV, (which means you will be less distracted), you will be able to VISUALIZE your goals, your future, and your success.

You see, everything in this world is created twice, first in your MIND and then in reality.

Everything you see in the world started out as an idea, a vision in someone’s imagination.

Someone had to visualize planes flying in the sky, someone had to visualize electricity and light-bulbs, someone had to visualize creating the tallest building in the skyline.

In the same way, if you want to change your life, make the world and better place for yourself and others and break the negative, self-destructive patterns, you have to SEE the outcome you want in your mind.

When you cut out the distractions it becomes easy to visualize your future, your goals and your success.

Having a VISION Changes Your Perspective on Life

You get more done, have clear direction, a clearer mind, draw upon untapped energy and feel excited about life.

Not having a vision means you are shooting in the dark, going whichever way the wind blows.

#3 Have an Attitude of Gratitude

It has been proven that people who are grateful for what they have in life are immensely happier than people who never or rarely practice gratitude.

In addition to being grateful you must thank the universe for what you want to attract.

Write down some “thank you universe for…” and then fill out the blanks.

Think about what you want, then thank the universe for already having it.

#4 Develop POSITIVE Energy

You see, humans and all living things on this planet have something called an ENERGY FIELD around them.

Ever notice when someone is in the same house/apartment that you are in, you can “sense” their energy.

We humans have a very keen built-in energy detector that allows us to sense when other living things are in our presence.

This is one of the biggest reasons why we have survived and thrive on this planet, when other animals have gone extinct.

But the reality is that most people have a lot of negative energy.

What causes negative energy?

See #1 above.

Negative energy is also caused by an unbalanced mind and body.

And unbalanced mind & body is caused by taking prescription and over the counter drugs, eating fast food and processed food, spending a lot of time indoors under artificial lighting, excessive exposure to electromagnetic chaos (cell phone, wi-fi, smartmeters, laptops etc..), excessive and unchecked mental and emotional stress and a host of other man-made, artificial environments and stressors.

Negative energy is also acquired by hanging around people who are negative (whether they are aware of it or not).

Remember, you become like those you surround yourself with.

Therefore, it is entirely up to you how positive your energy field is/can become (your energy potential).

People who have a lot of negative energy have thoughts and feelings that tend to be very inwardly focused, which causes them pay too much attention to their negative thoughts (remember, your thoughts are not you, they are only guests, and you are the Hotel)

What I’ve found is that too much inwardly focus causes people to act in destructive, negative and self-sabotaging ways over and over again without ever knowing why.

It’s like a never ending circle for most people.

What most people do not know is that negative energy is generated by negative “input” from the environment.

Watching a lot of TV, watching gruesome and violent movies, playing violent video games, watching the TV news, gossiping about others, and hanging around people who gossip, have a lot of negative energy and are self-destructive will cause you to develop a lot negative energy.

Negative energy also comes from disease and illness and from eating food that contains no living enzymes and whose positive energy field has been destroyed (processed food, fast food, junk/fake food, non-organic foods laden with chemicals, pesticides etc…).

Want to have instant POSITIVE energy?

Go outside for a walk in the SUN for an hour or two.

As simple as this is to do, 8 out of 10 people hardly ever go outside for a walk.

Then they complain about being depressed and their mental health.

Like fasting, walking outside every day is called PREVENTION.

Prevention is something you must do every day if you want to stay illness and disease free.

I cannot speak for other countries but in the US people hardly walk anywhere. This is Sad.

The gym is great but walking outside is the #1 MOST health, mood and energy enhancing activity that you can do.

And it’s 100% free!

You will never hear a doctor tell you to go outside for a walk in the sun to cure you.

No corporation can patent the sun and fresh air, and no one (doctors, big-pharma) makes money from telling you to go outside.

No corporation can patent fresh fruits and vegetables, pure, clean water, 7-9 hours of sleep every night, sitting still for 10 minutes and focusing on clearing your mind and cultivating positive energy (ZEN meditation).

Remember, it’s all about the money.

#5 Stop and Notice the Simple Things

When you stop to notice the simple things, you teach your brain to register these moments fully.

For example, you might notice a stranger smiling at you, a friend calling you out of the blue, a stranger holding the door for you at the gas station, a colleague at work helping you with your task, a bird chirping with another bird on a tree as you are walking or hiking, or the moon high up in the sky at night on a full moon night.

Each night before you do to sleep, reflect on your day and remember the things that made you happy and notice the small things that you may have missed before or may not have registered when you were not conscious of them (not paying attention).

At the end of the week you will notice how different you feel.

You will feel more alive, more connected, more joyful and more blissful because you will be living in the moment, more mindfully.

Reconnect to The Simple Things in Life and You Will Feel More Bliss!

I will wrap up with a quote from the great Buddha…

“You Yourself, As Much As Anybody Else In The Entire Universe, Deserve Your Love and Affection”


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  2. Love your stuff man! I agree its all about fucking mindset. It can be a hard thing to get through but work your way fucking through it and get shit done!

  3. I’m a big believer in point number 3. What we are grateful for makes us more content and satesfied.

    Do you have any reading recommendations i.e. blogs, books? This could even make a good future post.

    Glad to see you back writing and that you haven’t disappeared.

  4. Amazing and inspiring article again Adi!! Thanks!
    Please post in the next article about how you prepare your food/meals 🙂

  5. Great Post! Got me hyped up bro! In my life right now i can say that i’m working on all 5.. Hopefully with time and constant persistence i would achieve these lofty goals for myself. Thanks to you i’m already working on my own blog and seeing where it takes me. Who knows maybe i could turn this into something profitable for me. Anyway bro! keep up the great work here on this site.


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