How To Think Like a Champion

Thoughts are things.

Your body is a powerful receiver and transmitter of electromagnetic energy.

Every thought you have has a POWERFUL effect on every cell in your body.

Positive thoughts have positive vibrations on your body.

Negative thoughts are stressful on your cells, making you more prone to disease, depression, stress, anxiety and other illness and unease.

Science does not believe that your thoughts can have a major impact on your health, vibrations and wellbeing.

Medical science (doctors) do not believe that your thoughts can cure and prevent disease. Medical science also cannot dispute the “placebo” effect.

The placebo effect is when someone is given a “placebo”, which would be a sugar pill, or a crushed rice pill, instead of a drug.

Diseases have been cured by the “placebo effect”.

The “placebo effect” is when the patient thinks what he’s taking will cure his disease, when in reality it’s just a fake medicine pill.

Very few people are aware that their thoughts are a potent disease preventer and curer and hold the keys to unbound achievement.

Your thoughts can heal you and make you joyful, blissful, energetic and vibrant, but they can also cause illness, distress and disease.

When you are stressed out and feel anger, sadness, envy and other negative emotions, your thoughts turn your body “acidic”.

When your body is acidic, your risk for developing disease and illness skyrockets.

An acidic state is a not a state you want to be in often.

You cannot feel great, have a positive and optimistic outlook, reach your goals and dominate in the gym and in life, and be free of disease and illness when your body is in an ACIDIC state.

Only when your body is in an ALKALINE state can you feel vibrant, energetic, stress-free, be free of anxiety and depression, have a positive and bright mood and fight illness and disease with ease.

One of the fastest ways to take yourself out of a disease fighting Alkaline state is to be chronically stressed and allow anger, fear, envy, jealousy, inner conflict, inner chaos and other negative and destructive emotions to dominate your thoughts and the way you think.

The stress of just being alive is HIGHER today than it has been at any time in human history.

Your grandfather and great grandfather did not have 1/10th of the stress that we have today.

Driving a car raises your body’s stress levels 1,000 times above normal levels.

When you drive a car and use your cell phone at the same time, your stress levels can be 5,000 times higher than normal.

Worrying about money, worrying about bills, arguing with friends and relatives, watching and reading the news and watching scary and violent movies and listening to most modern pop music, all increase your stress levels dramatically.

The good news is that you can dramatically REVERSE the amount of stress you put on your body using 100% natural, drug-free stress reduction methods such as meditation, herbs, speaking positive affirmations, organic nutrition, deep breathing techniques and energetic rebalancing.   

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3 thoughts on “How To Think Like a Champion”

  1. Stress is indeed a major contributing factor to disease and illness. I am a homeopathic doctor and see the effects of uncontrolled stress and anxiety on patients every day. Drugs are not the answer as most people seem to think it is, unfortunately. It is within our minds where all cure is found. You explained it very well, shared this article with my all of my patients!!

  2. Wow- never knew about the alkaline and acid states.. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this very important mental health topic Adi.

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