How to Get Lean & Mean With the Caveman Diet

You don’t have to live like a caveman in order to eat like one.

Living in a cave is not something that I recommend (apart from the occasional retreat from modern-day life while hiking and exploring).

Nuts, seeds, berries, mushrooms, fish, meat and eggs were the only things that our ancestors ate thousands of years ago, and they had larger brains and super-lean, strong bodies to show for it.

Now days people eat all kinds of processed and refined crap and call it eating “healthy”.

Sorry to break the news to you, but eating a turkey sandwich on “whole wheat” bread slathered with condiments is about as far away from the way your body was designed to be fed as it gets.

When it comes to “dieting” to get lean and lose weight, people always seem to want to torture themselves with low calorie diets.

Then when they start eating a normal amount of food again they gain all that weight back plus some.

They will keep doing this kind of yo-yo diet for years and years never getting anywhere but fatter and fatter.

Well I am here to show you an easy way to stay lean and mean all year long..

It’s called the Caveman Diet.

I am here to show you that you can eat as much food as you want and actually lose body fat.

I am here to show you that you can eat real food and not feel guilt about it.

I’m here to show you that you can eat steaks and fried eggs and and bacon (turkey bacon is best) and gobs of butter.. and still lose fat!

On the caveman diet, the only thing you cannot not have is processed and refined carbohydrates, and it goes without saying no fake food (boxed and packaged crap).

The Caveman diet is exactly what it sounds like:

You eat virtually no carbs at all and primarily meat.

No veggies, no fruits (except for small amounts of non-tropical fruit, if desired), no oatmeal, no breads, no pasta, no soy, no vegetable oils, and no rice.

Instead you can eat all the meat you want.

After eating like this for several weeks, you will have zero cravings for processed crap, sugar, and fast food.

Personally, I have not eaten any processed or fast food for many, many years, and I never ever crave sugary foods and junk food.

I will occasionally (once a week) eat some ice cream, rice, or other carb rich foods (to break the monotony of eating primarily meat).

You can eat beef, venison (and other game meat), eggs, chicken, turkey, salmon, tuna, mackerel (virtually all types of fish), lamb chops, goat meat, duck breast, and any other meat you want to eat.

All meat is great, but the only meat I recommend staying away from is pork.

The reason you should avoid pork is because pork is loaded with toxins.

Pigs are the #1 most dirty animals on the planet.

Pigs are scavengers that will eat anything in their path, including other pigs, bugs and insects, trash, and even their own feces.

Anything a pig eats turns to meat on it’s bones within a few hours.

Remember, you are what you eat.

If you eat pork you are consuming undigested garbage (and you will feel it).

Stay away from pork (or at least significantly cut down your consumption) and you will notice an increase sense of alertness and energy, less colds and flu (toxins suppress your immune system), less/no malaise, a clearer mind and an overall elevated sense of well-being.

You can eat as much butter or ghee as you want to eat, this is NOT a low fat starvation diet!

This is the diet where you can actually EAT REAL FOOD without guilt and without weight gain.

Won’t eating all that fat give me a heart attack?

Actually, no.

Fat is very necessary for heart health and on the Caveman diet… you MUST eat high fat or you will starve.

You cannot eat only protein, you have to eat protein and high fat.

Butter is your best friend on the carnivore diet.

Low fat diets are actually very bad for you and can lead to heart disease.

High fat diets are the best diets for human health.

So long as you eat the right fats.

CLA is a type of healthy fat that is abundant in red meat that is super critical for your health and survival.

And of course Omega-3’s are abundant in fish, which you must eat at least 2-3 times a week (every day is best).

If you don’t like the taste of fish then you absolutely 100% MUST supplement with a high quality omega-3 supplement.

Click Here for the Omega-3 supplement that I take (most fish-oil supplements are low quality, I highly recommend this brand).

“But Adi, don’t we need to eat carbs to stay healthy?”

Actually we don’t need carbs to survive and we don’t even need carbs for energy.

There was a study in the 1920s where 2 men ate nothing but meat for an entire year.

They were perfectly healthy at the end of that one year.

The Eskimos used to eat nothing but meat for their entire lives and they were always healthier than the Europeans who ate breads and jams.

Won’t I crave carbs?

You’ll crave carbs at first but the craving will go away at about the 3rd week. If you’re eating enough food you wouldn’t really be hungry, the cravings are mental.

While you go through “carbohydrate withdrawal” you will crave carbs the same way a drug addict craves drugs.

It will be gone after the 3rd week or so.

Stay strong, don’t give in to the carb cravings, because after the 3rd week you will have great steady energy and a super-sharp mind.

How does the Caveman diet maintain energy?

Because you aren’t eating carbs you won’t have up and down blood sugar spikes.

Your blood sugar will be steady throughout the day so you won’t experience the typical ups and downs in energy and you won’t experience the “hangry” sensation when you get angry when you’re hungry.

On the Caveman diet your emotions and mood is steady and calm and so is your energy.

How does the Caveman diet eliminate brain fog?

Apart from eating small amounts of low-fructose fruit (if you like fruit), when you completely eliminate carbs from your diet you have an incredibly clear head.

You’ll be sitting around thinking… “Wow! My brain fog has vanished and my mind is so clear it’s unbelievable!”

Raw organic vegetables are necessary, so do not eliminate them.

Unlike fruit, veggies have almost no natural sugars and are high in fiber, which will help keep you full.

Remember, a low-carb diet is not the same thing as a zero carb diet.

It is the zero carb diet that kills brain fog, not a “low carb” diet.

On a low carb diet you are still eating foods (starches) that cause brain fog, on a zero carb diet you completely eliminate the foods that cause brain fog.

What foods cause brain fog?

Starchy Carbohydrates (pasta, noodles, rice, bread, corn, wheat, and any type of grain).

How does the Caveman diet burn body fat?

When you eat meat and fat it is available to you as energy right away.

When you eat carbs the carbs first have to store as body fat on your body and then your body will use the body fat as energy.

When you eliminate the carbs you eliminate your storage of body fat.

The Caveman diet is the easiest diet in the world that will constantly keep you lean and trim and not starve you in the process.

You can eat as much as you want and always keep a flat stomach – as long as you don’t “cheat” and eat carbs (on most days).

What foods can I eat on the Caveman diet?

Any animal products (see list above).

All meats are allowed and so are eggs and butter.

What can I drink on the Caveman diet?

You can drink water (spring water is #1), unsweetened tea, unsweetened coffee, or heavy cream.

No sodas, no diet sodas, no fruit juice, nothing with sugar!

What about diet soda, it doesn’t have sugar?

Diet soda has dangerous fake sugar (artificial sweeteners) that will destroy your brain and make you crave sugar more than sugar itself.

You’ll never be able to make it through the first few weeks on the Caveman diet if you’re drinking diet sodas that make you crave sweets.

What about dairy?

Butter and heavy cream is ok.. Cottage cheese is OK in small amounts.

Although cavemen did not raise cows, you are allowed to eat small amounts of cheese if you desire.

As long as it’s unprocessed (raw cheese is best).

Any animal product with zero/near zero carb content is allowed.

Always look at the ingredients before you buy dairy products.

Where will I get all my vitamins?

Meat has all of the vitamins that humans need.

The animals eat the plants that we cannot digest and they turn those plants into vitamins that humans can then digest.

It’s actually not easy for humans to digest vegetables and actually get most of the vitamins from them.

Eat vegetables but do not over do it.

We don’t have the stomach to digest large amounts of vegetation but cows and other animals do.

We can get all of our vitamins from meat.

Many people who follow this diet eat nothing but ribeyes and get all their vitamins that way.

It’s a myth that we have to have a “varied diet” to get vitamins.

Is alcohol allowed?

No. Alcohol has carbs in it and also it’s bad for you.

Can I have cheat meals?

You should follow the Caveman diet strictly for 4-6 weeks before you have a cheat meal.

You want your body to switch to “fat burning mode” rather than carb burning mode.

It will take about 4-6 weeks to burn through all of your bodies carbohydrate stores and start using fat as it’s preferred fuel.

After your body has switched to “fat burning mode” you can have a cheat meal once per week and you can eat anything you want.

However you will probably find that the cheat meals make you feel like crap because the Caveman diet makes you feel so good, going back to “regular food” feels like crap.

2 Rules of the Caveman Diet:

  1. Don’t eat any carbs at all.

For the first 3 weeks, I highly suggest to not eat any starchy carbs at all (and cut down your fruit intake). A strict zero carb diet will get you lean and mean faster than almost anything else (apart from strict daily fasting). The health benefits of the zero carb Caveman diet are enormous.

  1. Don’t forget to eat fat.

Butter and other animal fat is your best friend. You get the benefits of the Caveman diet when you eat fat. If you don’t eat fat you will be starving and eventually you will break and eat everything in sight.

Eat fat to stay lean!

Sounds crazy but it works.

That’s it.


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7 thoughts on “How to Get Lean & Mean With the Caveman Diet”

  1. Is what they sell at my local big supermarket sufficient? Or do I need to search for higher quality meats for this diet to work?

    • Yes. Most supermarkets now days have a small organic meats/pasture raised section. Same for organic fruits, veggies and wild-caught fish.

  2. Sounds good, except where will I get vitamin c in this diet? Meat contains none. How will I prevent getting scurvy like the sailors in the navy hundreds of years ago who didn’t have access to fruits?

    • Raw veggies and fruit have plenty of vitamin c.. + taking a vitamin C supplement for good measure is never a bad idea.

    • Potatoes are OK in small amounts, but not every day.. If you are already lean you could eat them daily but that would take you off of the caveman diet.

  3. Thanks! I’m fairly lean at 200 lbs but want to mainly build more muscle. good to know potatoes won’t harm my fat loss progress.


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