How to Feel Very Good (Like you won the lottery)

Most people have no idea how good our bodies are designed to feel.

I am not talking about using toxic pharmaceutical drugs or taking recreational drugs to feel good.

Drugs do not make you feel better, they just temporarily suppress symptoms.

If you don’t feel good, ask yourself “what is causing me to not feel good?”.

If you hit your foot with a hammer and you start bleeding, you are bleeding because you hit your foot with a hammer.

Your foot did not start bleeding out of the blue.

It’s the same thing with your mood and mental health.

Apart from exercising every day + doing what I suggest in THIS and THIS article, here’s how you feel very good

1) Stop Lying to Yourself

Western women are massively more likely to “suffer depression” than men are.

Western women are all living the life of a feminist.

Not only are they pretending that it’s ok to be a woman yet act like a man, they actively hate womanly qualities such as caregiving, nurturing and submissiveness.

They act the opposite of the way they are designed to act and now they are all mentally ill, miserable and depressed.

The opposite is true for a lot of men.

They act like dainty little fairies instead of adult men.

For the past 2 years I have not dated a single western woman, and I have experienced nothing but positive, chipper, trim and thin, happy women who never cry, never yell about nonsense, never lie face down on the bed while crying and simultaneously hitting and kicking the bed because she has to clean up too much and you don’t help her enough.

The man LEADS and the woman follows.

Men WORK and women take care of children (and cook and clean).

This is how mother nature made us, subvert this and “suffer depression”.

Today’s modern man is not enlightened and evolved, he’s a fruit.

Today’s modern woman is not independent and strong, she’s a cunt.

Friends, let me make a bold but true statement for you:

The greatest anti-depressant for men, far better than any pharmaceutical death pill, is TESTOSTERONE.

Eat PLENTY of red meat, whole eggs, whole milk, butter and cheese.

Kick tofu, noodles, soy and other feminine estrogen raising foods to the curb forever.

2) Groom Regularly

The way you look affects the way you feel.

Daily showers, shave daily, keep your hair trim and neat.

If you look great you feel great.

100% of the time.

I get my hair cut once per month.

If I go longer than that I feel like a dirty hippie and after a clean haircut I’m always ready to kick some more ass.

3) Be Around People

Humans are social creatures.

Isolation is punishment.

We all NEED to be around other people, if only for a little while.

Even if you like to be alone you should not be alone all the time.

Our ancestors lived in small groups and had contact with other groups frequently, they did not live in isolation 95% of the time like most people in today’s world do.

4) Get Into Shape

It’s hard to be a Debbie Downer when you have big arms.

The other day I was getting a massage and the masseuse called another woman over just to feel my muscular, thick thighs.

Would you like to know what every single guy who says “Girls don’t like muscular guys” have in common?

They are all flabby or skinny dweebs who have never had muscle.

It makes more of a difference than you could ever imagine unless you saw it with your own eyes.

There are these clueless guys on the internet who always talk about PUA or Game baloney.

If these fellas spent as much time sculpting their guns as they did about arguing about who is “more alpha” then they would be able to get some p*ssy instead of pretending that they are masters at social engineering.

Always keep your body clean, lean and mean.

Never let yourself get out of shape for any reason.

You will be rewarded.

5) Don’t Watch Movies With a Social “message”

The Hollywood movies that have a message always have the same liberal message:

You should act like more of a fairy.

Personally I don’t watch ANY new (modern) movies or television at all.

When I DO watch a movie it’s almost always one from the same legendary classic movie directors:

David Mamet, Sidney Lumet, Wolfgang Petersen, Lewis Gilbert and a few others.

I completely gave up television years and years ago.

Television is for brain-dead, dimwitted baboons and if you’re watching it you are watching crap that is making you “suffer depression”.

TV is not designed to better you or make you happy or fulfill you.

It’s designed to subvert you, make you feel sad and envious and to CONSUME MORE to fill that empty void in you.

6) Don’t Listen to Whiny, Sad Music

Every little emo fruitcake who suffers depression has one thing in common: they all listen to whiny, sad, crybaby music.

Listen to something positive that fires you up.

Music has a HUGE effect on your mood, the more sad baloney you listen to the more sad you will feel.

Turn that frown upside down and put on some happy tunes.

Only listen to positive, upbeat and energetic music that makes you feel ENERGIZED and alive.

When you are not working out or when you’re driving in your car, listen to classical music.

Classical music produces alpha waves in your brain which slows your thoughts, clears your mind, lowers your blood pressure and makes you feel calm, peaceful and tranquil.

7) Rethink Your Morals

You live in an insane society run by insane sociopaths.

All the morals that you think are yours and your decision alone are not.

They are the morals that have been decided for you and taught to you by your school teachers and your television.

Testosterone is immoral, we all know this.

What sense does this make?

Testosterone is the key male hormone and the key to male health and vitality.

It must be wrong to use natural supplements to boost your male hormones, yeah?

Tell this to the millions of women who use estrogen in the form of the birth control pill.

See what kind of reaction you get from them about how you don’t care about women’s bodies.

You must decide for yourself what is moral and what is not.

You must do the research yourself and you must be the sole decider about what is right and wrong.

Relying on what everyone else is doing — aka following the crowd, is for the foolish the weak and the stupid.

8) Don’t be PC / Liberal / Social Justice Warrior (SJW)

Political correctness is subtle castration.

Political correctness makes you take the side of the degenerate and morally weak and side against the strong who hold real values of family, self-preservation and self-reliance.

PC is for the weak.

When you give in to it you were weak to begin with or you become weak.

Of course, there is another side to this: If you hold a respectable job you MUST be PC for your own preservation.

This is why you should…

9) Start Your Own Business

There are a million reasons to start your own business and make your own money.

How a grown man can call another man or woman “my boss” and not feel immense shame is beyond me.

Why any smart and able man would want to work in a field that rewards women just for being women is beyond me.

How any man could sit through sensitivity training and be worried about sexual harassment charges is beyond me.

Why any man would work his tail off to make another man rich is beyond me.

When you start your own business and make your own money you also make your own rules.

Why any man would follow the rules set by mentally ill, self-hating liberals is beyond me.

10) Go Your Own Way and Make Your Own Rules

Again, when you live in a deranged world the only sane thing to do is go your own way.

Say goodbye to the corporate world, say goodbye to Hollywood fantasy and say goodbye to what all the slack-jawed baboons think is important.

Shopping won’t make you happy.

TV won’t make you happy.

Jobs won’t make you happy.

A new car will make you happy for about a week, until it becomes an old car.

Then you’re stuck with an old car and a monthly payment.

11) Don’t Get Married

Ever had a relationship so good you felt the need to say “You know honey, our relationship is great but one thing is missing: Complete and total government control of our love life.”

Will you marry me?‘

Until the anti-male laws change you should never, ever get married.

In the USA the law will rape you if you get a divorce.

All the power is in her hands when you say “I do”.

She has no reason to stay with you, she has no need to stay with you, all her friends and family will encourage her to divorce over any bit of “unhappiness” and you can and will be left HELPLESS, especially if you have kids.

If you DO get married you MUST follow the rules and pick the most suitable candidate.

12) Leave/Limit Social Media

Have you ever once, in your entire life, felt great after spending an hour or two on social media websites?

Each and every person addicted to social media sites is hopelessly deluded and out of touch with reality and, consequently, bitterly unhappy.

If you are using social media to stay in touch with family/friends who live thousands of miles away (across the country or in another country, using it for that purpose is OK, occasionally).

Otherwise daily use and constant scrolling will make you terribly unhappy, sad and depressed.

Here is a great video showing you the illusions and fakery of social media:

(I recommend subscribing to this YouTube channel)

13) Live For a Purpose

Easier said than done, but a meaningless life does not lead to happiness.

Everything I do is for a purpose.

If something doesn’t serve a purpose I don’t do it, or I don’t buy it.

I don’t like to hang out and bullshit around, I don’t go shopping at the local shopping mall, I don’t go out to see movies, I don’t go out just to pickup women (anymore).

My only real goal is betterment.

My only concern is to better myself physically, mentally and financially.

If something doesn’t hep me in those areas then I don’t waste my time with it.

14) Eat RIGHT

This one could easily be #1 on the list.

No donut tastes better than the feel of your rock hard abs.

Don’t eat slop like oatmeal and other wheat products.

Those are great for fattening up livestock for slaughter but they aren’t great for human men.

Meat is mans food.

I have heard “Oh yeah? Well what about Asia! They’re super healthy and eat mostly carbs!“.

They’re also 4 feet tall and as skinny as twigs.

Beef, eggs, chicken, bison, venison, salmon, duck, lamb or turkey– take your pick.

Our Neanderthal ancestors ate nearly 100% red meat and had bigger brains and bigger muscles to show for it.

Of course eating zero carb is not exactly the easiest diet to follow and you will need to eat carbohydrates to gain a significant amount of muscular weight.

My carbohydrate sources come from the following: brown rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, fruits, vegetables and the occasional ice cream and Gluten-free pasta.

I also eat probiotic Greek Yogurt once a day along with downing a probiotic drink like Kombucha several times a week.

Probiotics (good bacteria) helps maintain gut flora, modulation of the immune system, and regulation of bowel habits and constipation.

If you have chronic stomach issues I would strongly suggest trying probiotic drinks like Kombucha and eating Greek Yogurt or Plain Yogurt that has been fortified with probiotics.

I would also strongly recommend eating foods with LIVING ENZYMES such as Organic apples, pineapple, kimchi, raw cabbage/sauerkraut.

Organic unrefined virgin coconut oil is a little-known superfood.

Coconut oil has anti-bacterial effects (clears bad bacteria from your gut and bloodstream). Coconut oil also boosts your mood and energy.

DO NOT go to the doctor to seek help with indigestion/constipation before trying these foods first.

You should be able to find all of these foods at your local grocery store and organic food store.

15) Spend More Time Outside

Be outside for at least 2 hours every day.

Outside means out in the sun in a park or the woods hiking, rock climbing or riding a bicycle.

Nothing on this planet can make you feel better and more ALIVE than being outside on a sunny day.

The sun gives you vital LIFE energy and energizes you.

Don’t wear your sunglasses the entire time while you are outside.

Sunshine enters your body through your eyes.

When you are indoors avoid fluorescent lighting.

Fluorescent lights are terrible for your wellbeing as they zap your energy and make you feel tired, lethargic and depressed.

Natural sunlight is key.

16) Limit Electronic Use

TV’s, Laptops, smartphones etc…

All electronic devices emit electromagnetic energy.

Electromagnetic energy kills and destroys healthy cells in your body and brain and can even lead to brain tumors and cancer if your exposure is excessive.

It’s shocking what cell phone manufacturers and electronic manufacturers are allowed to get away with (designing radiation emitting devices that destroy healthy human cells).

But it’s all 100% legal thanks to something called lobbying in Washington D.C.

After every hour of working on your computer, take a 15-20 minute break.

Never stare at your phone and take a 30-40 minute break from using it after every hour of use.

I do a complete 24 hour “screen detox” at least once a week where I do not use any electronic devices whatsoever.

The mood boosting and energizing effects this has on me is nothing short of amazing.

17) Choose the Right Place to Live

So many men live in cities they hate and then they complain about it.

According to the internet there are 455 cities with a population of 1 million+. There are 1054 cities with a population of 500,000+.

If you hate the one you’re in then MOVE.

Personally, I always feel better when I’m out in the country where the air is fresh and the noise is minimal.

Cities are important for business but they are polluted, noisy and crowded, and some are plain filthy (I.e NYC).

If the place you live is terrible for you then you should move asap.

Rather than just living with something you hate you should do something about it.

There’s a great BIG World out there beyond your little city or town.

Until next time,


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16 thoughts on “How to Feel Very Good (Like you won the lottery)”

  1. YES YES and again YESsssssss ! Right on the money bingo thats it exactly ! all men need to stand strong and be what their supposed to be leaders.. not wimps wihinning and crying about trivialities in life .. its basically in the U.S.A that you will see the females trying to be males and its naturally seperates them from real men in their life.. sad but alot have failed just by that… Femininity in a woman is absolutely beautiful ! it even makes a man to want to love them more and for sure brings alot of security to them… THINKING

  2. Amazing and inspiring article again Adi!! Thanks!
    Please hit me up on facebook want to get your opinion on something.

  3. This post kicks stratospheric amounts of ass and fires me the F up to go out and get twice the amount of shit done today that I originally had planned.

    Keep em coming brother, you are right on point, and this stuff needs to be said again and again.

  4. It’s a good feeling when you read another man’s opinion and everything resonates. As a 25 year old not entirely happy with the world he lives in (but still content with my own personal state of affairs), I look forward to reading your other articles.

  5. There is nothing I want more right now than to adopt your mindset completely, Adi. I’m smart enough to see how shit really is and yet i am guilty of behaving like a little bitch. Screw that!. Keep up the good work sir.

  6. This article is full of wisdom and righteous living! God Bless You Adi.. One of the best websites I’ve ever come across in my life.

  7. Adi,

    You probably didn’t write this stuff to “entertain” and make people laugh, but I wound up laughing more than from a standup comedy.
    All your points are so true and so raw. Somebody had to say it!

    Awesome article.

  8. Damn excellent post Adi! Always an inspiration to read your site.
    If I may be so humble as to add #18, “Turn off your radio when you drive
    and listen to audiobooks-reclaim that dead time and learn something.”
    Shit changed my life 180 degrees. Keep up the great work man!

  9. Dont how I missed this article before but I have to say it may well be the greatest thing ever published on the internet.!!

    I couldn’t stop laughing at how true it all was. Happily I have been reading this site for a while and have followed a lot of it’s advice. My life has improved in leaps and bounds. My business has grown 50% at least in the last 2 years. Love life is up! Happiness is up! Finances are up!

    Mistakes are down..Arguments are down.Taking crap from others is down.

    Adi’s the MAN!

  10. Well you might be surprised to hear this, but as a Christian female I agree with your list, except for number 11, not to get married. As a female of European background I’m suspicious of any man who doesn’t want to commit to one person in marriage. And women should remember the phrase “why buy the cow when the milk is free”.
    Also fyi not all European women are great girlfriend material. Those that come from poor countries do sometimes look at the economic status of men. Do you want a woman more interested in your bank account then your intelligence or personality?
    Lastly it is sad that I too notice the feminization or sissy-fication of men.

  11. Keep your space clean and tidy. Your environment after all is a reflection of your mind.
    The bad things in the world are only the realisations of morally corrupt minds. The good things in the world are only the realisations of outstanding minds.

    I had noticed that if I’m untidy, I my mind will go to ruins. It’s such a huge effort to not make a mess in the first place. But doing that creates discipline which you need in other aspects of your life. Having been untidy for many years, I’m still working towards it.

  12. Adi, I have been reading your blog for a while and its like a breath of fresh air. Everything here makes so much sense that, seems to have been lost in most men these days.

    what do you think about a career in the police or army opposed to starting a business?. As i think these 3 jobs are the only ones i can think of without making some rich prick richer.

    Keep up the kickass work.

    • Being a policeman is one of the lowest paying, least respectable jobs you could get. The army can teach you self-discipline but don’t expect great pay.

  13. #12 is spot on. I left/quit social media over 3 years back and after that I learned that real life is more important than virtual life. I have gotten rid of depression, jealousy, found peace of mind, am chasing passions and goals and emphasizing a more focused life. I am really happy now and am learning to enjoy every moment of life.
    The more you spend time with yourself the more you get to know about yourself.

  14. I deleted facebook immediately after graduating from HS back in 2012. Have not been on a social media platform since. Never thought I was missing out on anything nor did I want it back. Nothing beats face to face interaction. Social media is sick, and a complete waste of time.


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