Podcast Episode #17: Chaos, Social Media, Science vs Nature (part 2) + Living Off the Land

    Episode #17 Highlights Intro: The effects of COVID-19 on the body and mind (my experience) 4:12 The causes of chaos and ways to reduce it 9:07 The negative mental health effects of using social media <<– Most people are oblivious to this 11:58 Why you MUST cut down your time spent on social … Read more

Podcast Episode #16: No-Fap November, The World’s Worst Diet, Cold Showers + Judgement & Enlightenment

  Episode #16 Highlights: 2:14 How to STOP masturbating (no-fap for life) 3:00 Change your INPUT to change your behavior <<— Critical to your success 4:02 Things that kill your ambition, motivation, willpower and self-discipline 4:29 Nighttime routine to squash bad habits 7:17 The worlds’ worst diet (you may be on this diet without knowing … Read more

Podcast Episode #15: Consciousness & Awareness, Mindfulness, Brain-Fog + Energy & Harmony

Episode #15 Highlights: 2:47 The #1 cause of today’s global mental health decline <<— This may surprise you 4:14 How your SMARTPHONE messes with your head 6:23 What you can learn from disoriented BIRDS 10:18 How being in “UP-TIME” makes you more conscious and aware <<— Real success starts with this! 16:32 How fasting INCREASES … Read more

Podcast Episode #13

Episode #13 Highlights: 1:14 The 3 Keys to becoming mentally stronger 2:52 “Food” that destroys your positive mental energy 3:47 Developing superior (better) brain chemistry 5:00 WHY you MUST fix your nutritional deficiencies to prevent disease, supercharge your energy and be Blissful <<— This is critical for your MINDSET! (see resources below) 6:50 The “secret” … Read more

Podcast Episode #12

Episode #12 Highlights: 0:55 The global economic effects of “central banking” (this is affecting your life weather you are aware of it or not) 2:17: The gold standard 5:17 Is the next recession right around the corner? 7:29 Why you should NOT eat meat 1x a week 9:12 The negatives of eating dead animal flesh … Read more