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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of results can I expect?

A: Zero if you are not an action taker.

If you just buy it & don’t apply it then you will gain nothing.

Sadly, 80% of folks who buy self-help books don’t even read them!

Fit Body 4 LIFE is for action takers.

If you are not the biggest action taker, don’t worry as in the book I teach you how to stop procrastinating so that you can successfully apply the contents inside Fit Body 4 LIFE.

Once you do that, you will…

  • Lose up to 19 pounds in 21 days or less
  • Eliminate food cravings
  • Double your energy
  • Burn fat deposits in your belly and all problem areas and keep the weight off forever
  • Eliminate and reduce fear and procrastination
  • Learn the truth about the food, drug and supplement industries and how they’re tricking you and how they’ve lied and mislead you for years
  • Look younger faster and easier than ever before
  • Safeguard yourself from the deadliest of diseases
  • All without drugs, expensive medical treatments or surgery

Here’s the deal: Typical weight loss programs will leave you tired, hungry and miserable.

When you follow the 21-Day Fat Burning Diet in Fit Body 4 LIFE, you will experience some mild hunger initially, which will quickly subside as you feel yourself becoming more motivated, optimistic and energized while enjoying the food you are eating.

You will put yourself in the tiny 5% of the population who succeeds on a weight loss and fitness protocol.

Q: Are you a doctor?

I am a health & nutrition researcher, certified fitness trainer and lifetime drug-free natural bodybuilder. I have been involved in the health & fitness industry since 2008.

To date my information and coaching programs have helped thousands of people all over the world transform both physically and mentally. Over the past decade, I have penned articles and training & diet plans for some of the world’s top health, fitness and wellness magazines.

Unlike many health and fitness coaches, experts and “gurus”, I practice what I preach.

I have not taken an over the counter or prescription drug in almost a decade, nor have I had any medical treatment or procedure done on me. I maintain 8%-9% body-fat levels year round and I rarely suffer from illness or the flu.

The truth is that most doctors have virtually zero knowledge about losing fat naturally without drugs or surgery, nor do they know much about proper nutrition protocol or living a natural lifestyle without drugs.

Here’s a little known and shocking fact:

1 out of 3 doctors in the United States are on antidepressant medications.

Yes, you read that right…

Your Very Own Doctor Might Be On Antidepressant Drugs!

Medical doctors have virtually no knowledge or experience in what makes up a healthy diet, nutrition or weight loss/maintenance program.

The truth is that medical doctors are little more than pharmaceutical drug pushers.

Doctors are paid big bucks by Big Pharma to prescribe you all kinds of drugs that you don’t need and make your body do all kinds of unnatural things.

When you make your body do unnatural things, your condition gets worse (maybe not immediately but eventually), making you fatter, weaker, sicker and more stressed than you were before the drug or treatment.

Remember: Drugs only treat your condition, they do not cure you or fix your health issues for good.

Drug companies and all pharmaceutical manufacturers are hiding the truth about the dangers of both their prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

These publicly traded pharmaceutical companies are only interested in making money, and are only interested in getting more people around the world to use more and more of their drugs.

These companies repeatedly lie about the safety and effectiveness of their drugs, hiding and concealing the fact that their products cause disease and death.

Fit Body 4 LIFE shows you all natural, safe, sustainable and inexpensive methods to dropping body fat and feeling great while reversing deadly conditions such as heart-disease, cancer, diabetes, high-blood pressure and other dangerous conditions, without any drugs, pills, surgery or expensive medical treatments.

It shows you the type of foods to eat and when, all natural cures, and how and why to eat specific nutrients.

Your chance of suffering a major illness, health event or gaining weight after reading and applying Fit Body 4 LIFE will be virtually zero.

If you currently suffer from any disease (heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, cancer and others), you will start noticing yourself looking and feeling better in just days.

The nutrition protocol, foods and remedies found inside Fit Body 4 LIFE are backed by hundreds of solid scientific research studies and top medical scientists.

You can pick up your copy of Fit Body 4 LIFE on & in bookstores nationwide in November.

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