8 Fat BLASTING Tips For Spring

With spring approaching fast, now is the time to start shedding the winter skin so you can be lean and ripped in time for summer.

Here are 8 ways to burn belly fat fast and get a ripped six pack that turns heads…

1) Do Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is where you don’t eat anything for at least 12 hours and then eat only during the remaining hours.

Ultimately, you want to work your way up to not eating anything for 16 hours, then eating only during the remaining 8 hours.

Remember, the #1 rule for losing weight and getting shredded is DON’T EAT SO MUCH.

When you are in a building or gaining phase, it’s good to eat more as gaining muscle is all about being in a calorie surplus.

But when fat loss is your goal, the extra calories must go.

2) Eat Meat & Eggs

If I had to go live on an island and could only take two foods with me, it would be meat and eggs.

When I refer to meat, I am talking about high-quality, preferably grass-fed and pasture raised steak, chicken, turkey and wild-caught fish such as salmon, cod, tuna, mackerel and swordfish.

Processed meats such as beef jerky, sausage, salami and bacon is not quality meat as it contains additives, preservatives, MSG, sodium nitrates and fillers which makes them toxic to your health.

Small amounts of uncured, pasture raised pork or turkey bacon and other uncured meats are fine.

Meat, especially from land animals, contains all of the nutrients your muscles need to repair, recover, grow and stay strong.

Like meat, eggs give your body the necessary cholesterol and protein you need to sustain your energy while shedding belly fat.

Bodybuilders of previous generations ate mainly steak and eggs and they had the physiques to show for it.

3) Use Fat Burners

Fat burners help boost and maintain your energy levels while you are cutting calories and eating less.

The right fat burner will help you burn additional fat when you would not otherwise be losing it.

Fat burners speed up your metabolism, suppress your appetite and boost your energy levels, three things you absolutely need when you are trying to get lean and shredded.

The best fat burners have a blend of natural caffeine such as Guarana or green tea extract.

Many fat burners only contain synthetic versions of caffeine so you must be careful with them if you are caffeine sensitive.

4) Walk MORE

Running on a treadmill can be exhausting and boring.

Ideally, you want to walk when you get up in the morning as there is no food in your system.

Doing this will burn the most fat, but walking any time of the day is better than sitting around and being sedative.

Walking is what our bodies were meant for.

Walking is what our ancestors did all day every day.

There were no obese or overweight people one hundred, two hundred and five hundred years ago.

Being overweight is a modern-day condition.

5) Lift Weights

This one is obvious, but I shake my head every time I see men (and women) at the gym doing a ton of cardio with very little or no weight training when trying to get lean and ripped.


Remember, you will only look ripped and “cut” if you have plenty of developed MUSCLE.

You can burn all the fat you want but you cannot flex something you do not have.

If all you are doing is a bunch of cardio and starving yourself to lose weight, you will burn fat but you will look thin, weak and frail.

The goal is to look like a Greek GOD with armor plated pecs and ripped, deeply etched abs, not an endurance runner or a race jockey.

6) Do 30-Day Warrior

Our modern, upside-down, politically correct hipster world has turned most men into effimete, girly weaklings who could not fend off an attack from an enraged cat, let alone defend themselves in a street-fight.

When you say NO to unnatural junk food, fast food and processed food, you say YES to high TESTOSTERONE and boundless energy.

When you say NO to internet pornography, you say YES to high testosterone and confidence.

When you say NO to acting like a pushover, asking for permission for everything and apologizing for being a man in hopes of getting laid, you say YES to self-respect and being a masculine man as nature intended.

When you say NO to laziness, procrastination, gluttony, excuses and other deadly sins, you say YES to being a go-getter and a next level human.

When you say NO to mindless TV watching, wasting hours on social media every day and avoiding hard work, you say YES to kicking-ass and being a somebody in a world full of nobody’s.

The reality is that most men now days have the self-discipline and testosterone levels of an eleven-year-old boy scout.

That’s not an exaggeration…

You see, when you say NO to everything I outlined above, you put yourself in the top 5% of the world’s population.

You will be a somebody that gets shit done, a somebody-with-a body who commands respect, and you will live a life that most people can only fantasize and dream about.

“30-Day Warrior” is a cutting-edge personal-development program that will help forge inside you the self-discipline, willpower and courage of a Monk, while sharpening your mind like a samurai-sword so you can achieve whatever you desire.

Stay tuned, the program is set to launch soon.

7) Skip Breakfast

When you stuff yourself with food in the morning, you immediately shut off your body’s fat burning abilities and enter fatzo storage mode.

“The most important meal of the day” was created by none other than your publicly traded food corporations who will do and say anything to get you to buy their toxic, chemically laced “food”.

“Breakfast” food such as cereal is garbage, muffins are garbage, toast is garbage, sausage is garbage, orange juice is OK but never when you are trying to lose fat and get ripped and definitely NOT first thing in the morning.

The word “breakfast” means to break your fast, you DO NOT have to break your fast when you wake up in the morning.

You can break your fast many hours later, and you absolutely should if you ever wish to possess and maintain a head turning six pack and a body that women drool over.

8) Stay Busy

When you are bored and have little activity to fill your calendar with, you will always think about food a lot more, even when you aren’t hungry.

When you think about food and eating often, you become a fatzo.

Eating just because you’re bored is not only a fat loss sin but a DEADLY sin.

Ever wonder why a whopping 80% of Americans are now overweight, obese, riddled with disease, anxious, bloated, constipated, stressed and depressed?

It’s because modern humans in developed countries stuff themselves with far too much food than their body’s have a need for.

Most of today’s food is NOT REAL food that is as nature intended.

Most of today’s food does not make you feel good after eating.

By design, our bodies are meant to function optimally on a feast and famine basis.

Stay busy by focusing on your work, serving others and getting stuff done from your to-do list.

Don’t sit around just waiting on your next meal, and you will have no problems burning fat and getting (and staying) lean & ripped.

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  1. Are there any brands of fat burners that you would recommend over others? I’ve tried a handful. Been doing lowcarb for over 2 months now my weight is hardly budging. I’m 5″11 and 255 pounds.

  2. Skipping breakfast is hard Adi! Any advice how I can reduce my appetrite in the morning I have tried drinking a glass of water but its not helping with the food cravings.


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