7 Ways to Project Power

Having a muscular physique is powerful.

But in today’s hyper-competitive world, a muscular and fit body is only one part of being dominant and projecting power.

Almost every day, I observe men who from a distance look dominant and in control, but up close act timid, apologetic, self-deprecating and project feminine traits.

Here are seven ways to project a powerful image that will get you noticed everywhere you go…

1) Build a Big Back

Probably the most overlooked body part amongst newbies and even some advanced lifters is the back, which is a shame because the back is a huge muscle group.

You can’t see your back so often it is neglected. That’s unfortunate, because a big, broad back screams power.

If you happen to stand in an elevator behind a fella with a huge back, you’ll know right away that the guy is no marathon runner.

A big back commands respect and just looks powerful, more powerful than big arms or a big chest, or even big shoulders.

Hit your pullups, bent barbell rows and your heavy rack deadlifts religiously.

Even though you can’t see your back, all that hard work will pay off.

Anytime I happen to catch my back in a mirror (anyplace that there are mirrors in the front and back) I’m always a little shocked at how well all the back work has paid off.

A big back just looks damn solid and strong, don’t neglect it.

2) Talk Loudly

Make sure people can hear you.

Talk loud, talk proud, don’t stutter and don’t “umm” and “uhh” through your conversation.

You don’t need to yell, but you need to project your voice.

Make sure everyone can hear you.

When you talk to someone they shouldn’t have to say “What? Huh? What did you say?“

No one needs to guess what your answer is, the power is in “yes” and “no.” “Umm, well, you know, I think maybe…” does not project power.

Speak clearly and confidently. Always.

3) Don’t Dress Like a Gay, a Nerd or a Hipster

Yes, we all know gays are fabulous, but they aren’t powerful.

They are sissified half men who do everything in their power to look as fruity as possible.

When you dress like a gay you look dickless.

Many otherwise straight boys dress gay, and that’s fine for those sissies, but for a man of power it’s unacceptable.

There is power in a well-fitting suit and tie.

There is power in a well fitting t-shirt that accentuates your build.

There is no power in skinny jeans, or man purses, or whatever other bullshit those silly-heads are wearing.

The reality is that how you dress speaks volumes about you.

Dress like a slob who looks like he slept in his clothes and the last thing you will project is power.

Not to mention dressing messy and looking unkept is a huge turn-off to women.

You don’t have to be perfect in everything you wear like some picky snob, but put some effort in keeping a neat appearance and you will stand out everywhere.

4) Don’t Follow the Rules

The rules are for the herd, the average Joe and Jane who will never amount to anything.

The rules do not apply to the powerful, simple as that. (Note: I said rules, not laws).

You’ve heard a million idiots say “But I did everything right! I followed all the rules and I still got shit on!“

Here’s a tip for the rule followers: Rules are designed for you to get nothing and give

You will not get a damn thing by following the rules, the rules are set by the powerful to keep you down and to keep them up.

Whine and complain about it all you want but go fetch your bosses coffee while you’re doing it.

What rules did Steve Jobs, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Mark Zuckerberg follow?

Rules are for those who wish to be ruled.

True power comes from getting others to follow your rules.

5) Don’t Be Self-Deprecating

When you make fun of yourself people lose respect for you.

Clearly, you do not believe in yourself so no one else should believe in you either. It is infinitely better to be arrogant than it is to be humble and self-deprecating.

The reality is that it takes arrogance to be highly successful and it takes arrogance to be a leader.

You must believe in yourself and you must believe you can do a better job than anyone else.

People will cry about you being arrogant, but they’ll cry while they follow all the rules set by the arrogant leaders.

Being arrogant does not mean being an asshole.

Your goal is not to intentionally offend people or to be rude.

That won’t get you far in life.

Be slightly arrogant and highly confident, and there won’t be anyone or anything that can stand in your way to success.

6) Never Apologize

I get at least 3 guys apologizing to me everyday.

Usually it’s in the gym, I’ll be walking with my dumbbells in my hands and some guy is in my way and he says “sorry.”

That happens constantly.

Never apologize for just being there. Don’t start a conversation with “sorry.”

Don’t end a conversation with “sorry.”

Just don’t say sorry, period.

But what if you do something terribly wrong and are truly sorry?

There’s an easy fix for that, friend: Don’t do anything terribly wrong.

7) Walk with Power

Walk tall and stand proud.

No hands in the pockets.

Don’t drag your feet on the ground, don’t walk with your head down, don’t be a Minnie Mouse and try to get out of everyone’s way.

If you are a reader of this blog then you are either a weight-lifer or a bodybuilder.

And since you are one of the above that means your posture is automatically better than 99% of people walking down the street.

Weight training alone significantly improves your posture.

In the age of the computer and smartphone, people have developed terrible posture.

Bad posture leads to weak abdominal muscles, a weak back and can lead to a “hunched” back that makes you look 30 years older.

Walking hunched over like you are ready to die is a sin on yourself and an eyesore to others.

Never stop lifting weights hard and heavy and you will always walk with power.

8) BONUS: Don’t Let Your Woman Call You “Honey”, “Sugar” or “Dear”

Guess what?

Your woman is going to call you anything you tell her to.

The key is to tell her, not ask her.

The goofballs with the slouched backs and the khaki shorts let their women call them Honey, Sugar, or worst of all, Dear – all highly emasculating names for a man.

She will call you whatever you want, if you want to be called dickless then she is going
to call you Dear or Honey.

If you want to be called a powerful name, you just tell her.

It’s as simple as that.

Tell her exactly what to say.

Say “Call me Daddy.“

She might giggle or laugh, but never give in, never apologize, never backtrack and she will soon call you the new name and squeal with delight each time she does it.

The truth is that women want you to have power, but they will test you and test
you and try and take it away, just don’t let them.

Here is another secret: The same things that turn men on, turn women on. Fellas, your woman wants to feel your power – let her.

There is no more powerful feeling in the world than when your woman happily calls you

“Daddy” or…?

The sky is the limit.

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6 thoughts on “7 Ways to Project Power”

  1. All of my guy friends women call their boyfriends and souses honey and dear. Interesting to notice this its definitely a thing in the US. Womens minds have been turned upside down thank to the rapid spread of feminism!

  2. So true most guys at the gym are hitting them arms and chest religiously instead of their backs. Such a shame as it leads to an uneven build and a weak posterior chain.

    What do you recommend someone do instead of dead-lifts? I have a lower back injury from a construction accident several years ago and can not perform any sort of heavy off the floor movements.


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