7 Unconventional Tips For Life

As a young man in your 20’s and 30’s, you have the whole world and an entire lifetime in front of you.

Now is the time to take advantage.

Out of all the regrets that people have on their death bed, wasted time is the most heartbreaking of them all.

Being unconventional means not following the path that has been laid out for you, not doing as everyone else is doing.

Unless you want to live an average life full of mediocrity and boredom.

During your schooling you have been led to believe that you must go to college, get a job to pay back your student loans, get married, consume as much as possible, save for retirement at 65 at which point you can enjoy life, and then die having accomplished nothing other than having been a good boy and doing what you were told.

The reality is that everything you’ve been sold in high school is a complete lie.

If you find this unbelievable, just ask anyone in their late twenties to mid-thirties who followed this path and see how happy they truly are.

They may lie with their words but their soulless eyes tell you everything you need to know.

Looking back on how I used to live my life, I see a lot of wasted time that could have been used to build something magnificent.

I didn’t wake up until my mid-twenties.

If I could go back and slap some sense into my 18 year old self this is what I would advise:

1) Play a Sport

Weight training and recreational bodybuilding are awesome and unless I’m taking an “off” week away from the gym, I could not imagine not going to the gym and challenging myself physically each and every week.

That said, competitive sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball , wrestling and other team sports help you build courage, strength, discipline and willpower and are anything but time-wasters

It’s so sad to see young men now days, also known as “millennials” in high-school and even college, spending all their time on the computer or other useless time-wasters and not playing any sports.

2) Don’t Bother Going to College.

This may be the hardest pill to swallow but college is a colossal waste of time and money.

Fortunately, I’ve saved myself endless boredom by dropping out of school and choosing a different path.

I could not imagine having to endure four or five years in college, studying for some pointless degree that has no value or meaning in the real world.

You don’t go to college to learn, you go there to further your indoctrination and emasculate you even more.

Anyone and everyone can go to college now days and because of this, colleges and universities are filled with monumentally dumb people who have no earthly business at an institute of higher learning.

As you learn later in life, a college degree means absolutely nothing when you go your own way and you refuse to follow the path that everyone else follows.

A college degree does not guarantee a “good” job.

A “good” job does not guarantee safety.

The only safety guaranteed is what you do for yourself.

There is no safety in relying on other people.

If you must go to college you should go later in life.

I hear people say “Oh, I’ll travel in a few years when I have time.

Oh, I’ll start my business in a few years when I have time”.

If you must go to college, go after a few years of real education in the real world.

If you go, you had better get a technical degree (engineering etc.), something you can’t learn on your own.

Arts, psychology or anything ending in “studies” degrees are completely useless in the job market.

3) Travel OFTEN

The best advice you will ever hear is to skip college and instead immediately start traveling abroad, backpacking Asia, or Europe, or South America.

Get a part time job while in high school and save your money.

When you graduate high school you should head abroad for an eye-opening experience you will never forget or regret.

I was fortunate that my family lived in parts of Europe before coming to America, but if I hadn’t I would have learned more in a year of traveling than I learned in 7 years of college (or 4, or however long it was).

Traveling does not mean going abroad all the time.

If you live in America, there are so many wonderful national sites, parks, hiking trails and museums to visit that you would be a fool to not venture outside of your hometown whenever you can.

4) Turn Off The TV

You can’t pick a bigger waste of time than TV watching.

Same for video games and mindless internet usage.

Watching TV has never thought anyone anything.

What TV does is dumb you down and make you a complaint consumer thanks to the bombardment of advertising that you’re constantly shown on TV.

The current global “ virus pandemic” is no excuse to waste your life away watching TV shows, playing video games and surfing the internet for hours at a time.

Occasionally watching a movie and watching documentaries that teach you about the real world is OK.

Play sports, go to the gym, travel, grow a veggie garden, and pick up some hobbies that get you out of the house and away from the TV as often as possible.  

5) Don’t Work Full Time

I used to manage a grocery store while going to school full time.

What a waste of a young man’s life.

I would have convinced myself to not work at all and work instead on an entrepreneurial venture.

I always had the desire but I never had the courage to just dive right into personal training until several years later.

You should be of the mindset of never having a real job or wanting a real job.

The only way you will ever be financially independent and free is to build a business yourself.

The only way you will have security is to build a business yourself.

The only way you will have true freedom is to build a business yourself.

Do you really want to go 40 years asking for permission from a lowly middle management executive for a one week vacation per year?

The only job you should ever have is one that provides you only with the bare necessities and leaves you hungry for more, one that gives you time to pursue other ventures.

When you have a full time job that pays you enough to buy all the stupid worthless shit you see on TV you will get lazy and you will NEVER DO ANYTHING WORTHWHILE UNTIL YOU QUIT.

Don’t fall into that trap.

Live as cheaply as possible until you can quit your day job and strike out on your own.

If you are currently working a full time job and you are unhappy about it, find a side-hustle or a side gig that pays you enough to cover two or three monthly bills, then work your way up from there by either taking up another side-gig or by expanding your venture.

6) Do Not Go Into Debt for ANY Reason

Do not acquire school loans, do not use credit cards, do not get auto loans.

That’s how you entrap yourself into a lifetime of debt slavery.

“Oh, I can’t go travel I’m in school debt up to my eyeballs“. You go into debt for your “education” and then you pay for it the rest of your life.

This is a waste of your prime years.

If you can’t pay cash for it, don’t buy it.

Debt = slavery.

7) Don’t Listen to Anyone Who Does Not Do What You Want or Aspire to Be

This means only take life advice from people who you want to be like, people who inspire you.

Otherwise the advice given to you will be, without question, terrible.

It will be the same thing over and over “Go to school, get a good job.

You can do all that other stuff later.” You can respond “Oh, really?

Is that what you did?

Went to school, got a job and then fulfilled your dreams later?”

… and see the look of regret in their eyes.

People who fell for the joke want you to fall for the same joke, it’s a part of human nature for people not to want others to succeed where they failed.

Conventional advice is to be ignored, always.

You are better off doing the opposite, even if it means going at it alone without any support from anyone.

As a young man you think you have all the time in the world.

You don’t.

You have only a brief time on this Earth to do what you want.

Use that to your advantage. Never for one second think “I can do all that fun stuff later” because you can’t and you won’t.

Now is the time.

When you are in your 20’s and 30’s is the perfect time.

Of course you can travel and pursue your passions when you are in your 40’s, 50’s and beyond, but the life experience and knowledge you gain by going your own way when you are still young is priceless.

You are in your prime and if you don’t take advantage you will waste away like all the people you see who are dead inside.

The same people who are punching the clock every day at a job they hate, waiting for retirement, waiting to die, pretending they are going to go and do the things you will do right now.

Go forth young man and live your life the way you want to.

Real education is not found in a classroom, it’s found out in the real world.

Until next time,


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3 thoughts on “7 Unconventional Tips For Life”

  1. Traveling is a must! Im in my 30s and make traveling a priority especially to new places i have never been. My job keeps me grounded in place most of the time but I manage to get out whenever I can manage, great article!

  2. #2 hits home with me the most. Wish someone would have told me to not go to college when I was 19 I would have saved myself from the debts trap. Im still paying off my student loans for an arts degree that I to this day have not used for anything. I am 46 years young. JB

  3. On POINT Adi! School is only useful if it teaches us something tangible that we can apply in the world. Apart from the people that I’ve met and a few friends I have made in college, my “higher learning” experience was nearly a total time waste!


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