6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Lift Weights

#1. Weight Training will Increase Your Energy

When you lift heavy weights, your entire body enters a state of chemical intoxication. Unlike drugs (alcohol, marijuana, opiates, cocaine etc…), the chemicals that your body releases when you train with weights are called natural endorphins, and the high you feel when training does not have any negative side-effects, unlike drugs.

No chemical substance can match the euphoria that you feel when busing out a heavy set of squats with several hundred pounds for repetitions. There is no better high than an intense workout.

What’s more. Having more energy directly equates to being and feeling stronger. A strong body is a strong mind. It’s a saying we’ve all heard, and it is 100% correct. “

“I have never met a truly strong person who didn’t have self-respect.”Henry Rollins

#2. Weight Training will Make You Healthier

After you’ve been weight training for some time, you will notice a boost in your immune system, better sleep, less colds, flu and other sickness. One of the best things about lifting weights is that it improves your sleep considerably.

And better sleep quality is directly related to reduced stress and a stronger immune system. Weight training will also increase your bone strength and density and reduce your risk for cardiovascular and heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression and a host of other illnesses.

#3. Weight Training will Make You Look Great Naked

If there was only one reason to lift weights, attracting the opposite sex would be it. A strong, viral man attracts and gets more women than an out of shape slob. A lean and strong body is a huge sign that you are a healthy and viral mate.

You see, back when humans lived in caves, women had their pick of an array of men to mate with, just as they do today. And as today, women are naturally attracted to strong, muscular and masculine men who look good. In our caveman days, men hunted animals in the wild and conquered difficult terrain which naturally lead to developed muscles.

Now days, men have it easy as we don’t have to conquer terrain or hunt our food. This, (along with other factors that developed out of our modern society) lead to men becoming weaker and smaller.

When you lift weights, you activate your primal genes and your body responds by building itself up, which leads to a better-looking body.

#4 Weight Training will Improve Your Posture

In the age of the computer and smartphone, people have developed terrible posture. Bad posture leads to weak abdominal muscles, a weak back and can lead to a “hunched” back that makes you look like you’re walking stooped over.

Weight training strengthens your body tremendously, especially your core (abdominals and lower back). When you train with weights you will walk upright with a purpose and a drive.

Walking hunched over like you are ready to die is a sin on yourself and an eyesore to others. Life is for living. Hit the weights hard and walk with a purpose.

#5. Weight Training will Help You Burn More Fat

In the world of bodybuilding and fitness, there is a persistent myth that the only way to burn fat is to do a lot of cardio. This is plain nonsense. Building lean muscle mass along with the right diet is the best way to burn fat from your belly and love handles.

Muscle mass raises your metabolism, which directly leads to more fat being burned. If you don’t have adequate muscle mass to begin with, cardio may help you lose weight but you will never achieved that lean, hard and toned look. Only weight training can do that.

There are no exceptions to this rule. The best example I can give you is to look at the physiques of Olympic marathon runners and compare them to sprinters. What you will notice is that the marathon or long-distance runners all look weak, frail and skinny and some even look emaciated.

On the other hand, Olympic sprinters look far better with hard, lean and developed muscle mass. This is because long-distance running/cardio eats away your muscle mass like a termite saws through wood.

Sprinters are lean and muscular because they only run for a short amount of time in incremental bursts, which does not affect muscle growth or eat away hard earned muscle mass.

#6. Weight training is FUN

After you get through the inertia phase (the hardest part of just starting out weight training, where you sometimes have to force yourself to go to gym), weight training becomes fun and something you look forward to.

There is nothing better than breaking plateaus and lifting weights heavier than you thought you were capable of. Breaking past your limitations is one of the best feelings in the World.

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