5 Reasons Why Modern American Men are Feminized Weaklings (and How NOT to Be One)

Walk into any grocery store, office, hotel, restaurant, gym and just about any place in public, and you will see guys eating tofu, following girls around like puppy dogs, skinny-fat guys jogging on a treadmill and guys whining and complaining about the pettiest little things like children.

Modern men in the Western world (especially in the United States) have become weak and soft doormats with hardly a care in the world.

It’s like a kick in the teeth and a punch in the stomach at the same time to watch “men” being walked over by women, acting like docile and subservient little twinks with no character or strength, be it physical, mental or both.

Unless you are blind you haven’t noticed a trend: American men are anything but men and act like little boys, stuck in a state of arrested development.

Even worse, some men apologize for being men or supplicate and pander to women, minorities and gays.

It’s time to stop acting and behaving like a weakling wuss with no balls – and it’s time to start being a man, as nature has intended you to be.

Below we will look at the 5 causes why modern men have become weaklings and outline solutions to reverse this disease.

1) Television, Music, Movies, Magazines and the Media/News

Opting out of mindless TV watching, listening to distasteful music with no soul or rhythm, watching movies with female lead roles and watching the news is a sure way to become a pussified man.

Years ago I opted out of almost all news, modern movies and music except for occasionally watching the World news to stay up to date with major World events.

Apart from watching a few movies (the majority of which came out before the mid 2000’s, I do not watch any form of “entertainment” or listen to the “music” that plays on the radio.

Every piece of modern media entertainment depicts men as bumbling idiots and women as strong and wise leaders.

Media teaches men that all women “deserve” happiness regardless of the cost and that men are the means to achieve that.

That’s a great fantasy for the World but not how reality is.

The problem is that most people cannot tell scripted and romanticized movies and television apart from REALITY and act accordingly.

Men think “if this guy acted like a feminine pushover loser in this movie and got the girl, then it will work for me”.

The are almost zero masculine men in entertainment media.

When masculine men do appear it’s as a redneck wife beater, a rapist or something equally dumb.

You must understand that Hollywood in absolutely no way reflects reality or how you should act.

It’s almost 100% pure fantasy and propaganda.

Unfortunately, the power movies and television have over people is enormous.

This is why you should turn it off and never look back.

Cut your cable TV subscription and stop renting movies. Instead, get a subscription to Netflix or Amazon.

Not to mindlessly watch movies and scripted shows but to watch documentaries about history, psychology, technology and other reality that shows and depicts the real world, and how things really work.

Learn about human nature, the animal world, where our current money system comes from and how it was created, American history and world history, and the psychology behind your fellow man so that you don’t become just another ignorant, bumbling idiot fool who’s divorced from reality, the world and nature.

You can do this by only watching documentaries.

Eliminate TV shows, stupid movies and “reality” TV.

Unless you have the luxury of traveling often to places and countries you’ve never been, or have a job in journalism or something equal that allows you to travel freely, well-made documentaries will help you learn a ton about the world we really live in.

Say goodbye to entertainment media for once and for all.

Once you open your eyes and see the truth about most entertainment you won’t want to watch it anyway.

2) Internet Pornography

Masturbating to internet porn is the absolute worst thing you can do to your masculinity.

Masturbation saps you of your vital and precious seed, masculinity and drive to succeed.

Internet porn is a plague.

Just like TV and modern movies, you must cut it out and never look back.

When you do that here’s what will happen: You will have more energy and motivation to pursue your goals in life.

You will become more assertive, aggressive, dominant, stronger and more outgoing.

In short you will feel like a man.

You can tell the guys who are hopelessly and completely addicted to internet porn because they act mousy and timid and are frightened all the time.

Most men aren’t hopelessly addicted to porn but all men know the feeling of “getting done” with their internet porn session and not having the will or desire to do anything else afterwards.

When you save your seed, your desire to accomplish becomes off the chart.

You will start to feel good and watch yourself progress faster than you thought possible.

Keeping your seed develops an animal magnetism that draws people to you, constantly spilling your seed repulses people.

Quit internet porn for 30 days.

You will see and feel a huge difference in yourself and in your achievements and you will never go back.

3) A Feminizing Diet

The feminizing effects of a high-carbohydrate, low protein and plant filled diet are enormous.

We’ve been taught that butter, saturated fat, meat and eggs are bad.

What we haven’t been taught are the feminizing effects of eating a “regular” diet.

When you give up the foods that men like and need and start eating vegetable, tofu, cereal and other BS such as bread and margarine, you get a nation of feminine zombie men.

There is nothing wrong with eating vegetables and you should include them in almost every meal.

However, not eating enough meat, butter, eggs and other testosterone building foods will turn you into a weak effenate man full of ESTROGEN and low testosterone.

In case you don’t know, the food pyramid is bogus.

It’s cheaper for the food industry to produce grains than it is to produce meat and and other animal products, and it’s more profitable.

A box of cereal can sit on the shelves for months. A cut of chicken or steak can only sit on the shelf for a few days.

Imagine a fight between a caveman that naturally ate a lot of meat and the average male office drone.

4) Lack of a Strong Role Model

The divorce rate in the United States is through the roof.

Women cannot raise boys properly without a man.

Even if they stop talking down about the boys father (which most women can’t), they just don’t have the proper discipline or state of mind to raise a masculine boy.

Only a man can raise a boy to become a man.

A father will teach his son to win.

A mother will teach her son that it’s OK to be a sissy.

We could pretend that all gay men were born that way and ignore the fact that all gays have something in common; an absent or weak father.

If you look into it further you’ll see that gay men usually had a domineering mother who emasculated the boys father and kept him from contact with the boy.

On the opposite end there are the guys that end up as criminals by overcompensating by being ultra-masculine due to a lack of a father figure.

Guys in prison usually have one thing in common: Single mothers.

If you have children you better make sure that you’re a strong role model and that you marry a feminine, motherly woman who knows the roles of men and women.

Do not marry a feminist and expect to raise your children, not get divorced and have insane alimony payments.

My best advice is to go abroad.

5) Feminism

Feminism was a movement started by man-hating bull dykes who convinced women that they were getting a raw deal.

Contrary to what feminists preach, men did not look down on women or oppress them.

I won’t go into the details of gender dynamic as that would fill up a lot of space for this article.

What I’m going to go over is the reality of feminism today.

Feminism teaches women to restrict their natural womanly behaviors and to act strong and “independent”.

That is pure fantasy because strength and independence are male traits and they will never be natural to women.

Women and men are not the same and they are not equal.

Women don’t like to be in charge, they want a man who can lead.

When women start acting like men and demanding all the power that they think men have, what do you think men will do?

They will become more feminine to compensate.

If women are pretending to be men, then there is no reason for men to develop their natural male characteristics.

What makes me gag is to see men following women, usually fat women, around like puppy dogs.

The other day I saw a guy at the grocery store beg, literally beg his fat hog of a woman to get 2% milk instead of skim milk!

She told him no and he just walked behind her, defeated.

That was one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever seen.

The solution to feminism is to date women who act like women. In order to do this, you’ll need to leave the country.

Go to Asia, South America or Eastern Europe.

Once you start dating women from these areas, you will never go back to dating American women. Feminism in these countries hasn’t YET affected these women, although I fear it will by the end of this decade.

This is why you must hurry because the feminism virus is spreading like wildfire.

It’s already in every city in the United States and Canada.

If you decide to stay in America, then use your balls and don’t take any shit from anyone.

If you want 2% milk then pick it up and buy it.

Act like a man and don’t ever apologize to anyone for being a man.

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7 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Modern American Men are Feminized Weaklings (and How NOT to Be One)”

  1. 100% agree with your views on feminism. It’s like a plague that’s been infecting women for well over the past decade here in the United States. We can thank ever-growing ‘political correctness’ and the supplication to women and gays that go along with our PC culture.

    In AMerica men have to avoid charges of sexism, racism and sexual harassment at all costs. Human resources departments are staffed with gay minorities and women to squash anything that isn’t supplication to politically correct fantasies of equality of women,gays and minorities.

    Glad that I was able to quit my corporate job last year as I would would not have been able to stand another second of it.

  2. You can add one more to this list: Schooling.

    Little boys should not be thought by women. Almost all kindergarten and elementary school teachers are women. Men who teach children must all be peodophiles. I don’t have children but my brother does and history books or some of their social studies books
    and you’ll see one thing in common: men, especially white European men are the worst
    thing the world has ever seen. All the little boys get this in their head and spend their
    whole lives as apologists for their gender. It’s sickening but it’s the truth. Men need to either home school their children or don’t have em.

  3. As a traditional American woman in her 50’s I can agree these are valuable facts for young men. I have been happily married for over 20 years to my wonderful husband and we get along better than most couples. My husband is a business owner and I do not work. Tradition is almost becoming a thing of the distant past in the United States. It is no wonder that the divorce rate is now as high as its ever been because women have lost their traditional roles in society. We have to revert back to the traditional ways of living or the separation will only grow.


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