33 Marks Of a Great Man

In two months I will turn 34.

To accomplish what I’ve accomplished in 33 years of living took many tears, cheers, fears, jeers, and leers.

For you, today is priceless because I am going to share with you the 33 marks of a great man.

Ancient wisdom passed through eons of time to bring you this list.

How do I know of these marks?

I was born with some of these marks and others I developed over the years.

If you were not born with them, don’t cry about it – be about it and develop them.

Say to them “BE!” and if you mean it, they will become.

With a clear mind, anything can be done.

You can even become as the Buddha and create your reality with the snap of a finger (following the 10,000-hour rule).

Speaking of Buddha…

Someone once asked the Buddha: “They talk about a ‘great man,’ a ‘great man.’

But what is it that makes a great man?”

The Buddha replied: “It is by freeing the mind that someone becomes a great man. Without freeing the mind one cannot be a great man.”

Someone once asked me:

“Adi, what are the marks of a great man?”

Here they are in no particular order:

1) His Mind Is Free Like Water

The mind of the great man is free from the prison the average man lives in.

They can do nothing, but he can do anything.

Their mind is in prison; his mind is in paradise.

There are no rules for him. Their rules mean nothing.

His mind roams free; their minds stay locked up.

2) He Has a Broad Torso, Like That Of a Lion

One physical mark of the great man is an upper torso that becomes increasingly broad, like that of a lion.

There is not a bird-chested great man that ever existed in this world.

The great man must have a great chest to house his great heart.

3) He Has Breath Like Fire

Breath-like fire comes from having spoken the truth for eons.

The mediocre man lies so much he believes himself; the great man has no lie in his being.

Even if he says nothing, he has spoken to you the absolute truth.

When he does speak, his voice is like a dragon’s.

None can argue with a dragon.

4) His Food Always Tastes Delicious

The great man’s food is plain and without fancy ingredients, yet it always tastes delicious to him and somehow bland to others.

Because he cooks and rarely eats unnatural factory made food, his taste-buds are not de-sensitized, and they actually improve the taste of his food.

The average man’s taste-buds are so aggressive from eating processed food, fast food and sugar that he must hide the taste of real food with artificial spices and other unnatural man-made ingredients.

5) He Has the Courage Of a Doberman

He has the courage of a guard dog but not the stupidity of a guard dog.

He is prepared for all things, and it is because of his preparation that nothing ever bothers him.

Because he is ready, nothing catches him by surprise, nothing happens.

6) He Is Never Bored

The mind of a great man is always in BLISS and joy.

He needs no modern entertainment, no gadget, no game, or even any companionship.

A walk in the woods is more wonderful than Alice’s time in wonderland.

Each time he opens his eyes seemingly for the first time, the colors are more vibrant, the scenery is engaging, the world is wonderful.

Even with his eyes closed, no entertainment can compete with what happens inside.

7) He Has a 10-Foot Aura Surrounding Him

His aura can be seen by all.

This aura develops as the great man develops.

The great man develops by doing less, not by doing more.

He does less than everyone and achieves more than everyone.

He does less and less until he is left with nothing but what is inside.

As he develops less and less, his aura grows larger and larger.

8) He Has No Confusion In His Mind

There is no confusion in the mind of the great man.

He isn’t a “know-it-all”, he just knows it all.

If you ask a question, he has an answer.

There is no “I don’t know.”

He has the answer to all questions because he is one with the universe.

9) His Eyes Resembles the Skies

In his eyes you can see oceans of time.

The great man was not born, he has been here for eons and will always be.

You can see this clearly in his eyes.

You can see eternity in his eyes.

The history and the knowledge of the world is visible in his eyes.

All who look in them are given a history lesson.

All who look in them become temporarily lost in the sky.

10) He Has Blemish-Free Skin and Radiant Cheeks

The life is available to see on the skin and on the cheeks.

A life well lived manifests on the skin and the cheeks.

If they are lacking in vibrancy, the life was not well lived.

If the skin and cheeks are vibrant, the life was well lived and this person is true.

11) He Is Sly Like a Fox

He is not out to “get” anyone, but he is sly enough to know when people are out to get him and others.

To neutralize the greed and envy of others, he is as sly as a fox.

He sees all the games and the cons that others play.

As all people, he enjoys playing games as well.

12) He Has a Nice Smile

The smile of a great man puts all others in a trance.

His smile neutralizes all who see it.

Unlike Medusa, those who see it are not turned to stone but turned into happy children again.

13) He Has a Body That Shows Abundant Signs of Good Fortune

The great man is not hobbling on a cane, he is not being led by a watch-dog, and he is always full of energy and vitality.

His body has been preserved, he has the health and spirit of a child.

There are no obvious marks or blemishes, there are no pimples, boils, lesions, or dry patches.

14) He Has Full, Round Shoulders And a Broad Back

His shoulders are not narrow and weak, they are round and strong.

He must have strong shoulders to carry the world on them (with a smile and a care-free attitude).

His back is broad from carrying the burdens of the people.

15) He Has a Jaw Like a Lion

His jaw is not weak; it is like that of a lion’s.

This comes from eating real food, not from eating the slop that the average person eats without thought.  

Real food must be chewed and the one who eats real food has a lion-like jaw to show for it.

16) He Has a Voice That Is Deep and Resonant

His voice is deep because his words are deep.

His voice can put anyone listening into a trance.

All will feel temporarily healed when they hear his voice.

They will be put into a trance and they will enter a new world, like Jack enters a magical new world after he climbs the magic beanstalk.

All from hearing his voice.

17) He Has Eyelashes Like a Royal Bull

The eyelashes are an indicator of the character of a man.

The eyelashes of a great man appear as a contradiction, feminine eyelashes on the body of a masculine man.

This shows the true character of the man as having no greed and no ill-will.

18) His Eyes Do Not See Black and White, They See Full Color

Average men think something can be only black or only white, never understanding that the world is not “shades of gray”, it is full color.

Look closely and you will see that not many things are black or white or even shades of gray, most things are blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.

Not only are most things not black or white, they aren’t even close.

He can see beyond the “only this!” or “only that!” paradigm and see that it is often both and often neither.

19) He Has an Upright Stance, Like That of An Ox

For a great man there is no room for slumpy and poor posture.

Standing erect and upright is the rule of the great men.

He is never slumped, his posture is always perfect.

20) He Has No Mind for Pettiness Or Trifles

He has no mind for trifles and he puts the mind of all who are engaged in trifles at ease.

Never engaging the trifles, instead he puts at ease the mind of the person engaged in trifles.

21) He Has No Mind For Idle Chit-Chat

He will not chat about the weather.

He speaks softly, but his words are heard by all.

Though he appears idle at times, he is anything but.

The wheels are always turning in such a way that they appear to be standing still.

22) He Will Give You Everything as Long as You Ask for Nothing

Ask him a question about the weather and you will get a perfect lecture on life.

Ask for a perfect lecture on life, you will receive a quip about the weather.

23) He is Detached From All Outcomes

He has no emotional attachment to anything because he is attached to everything at all times.

He frets not over the outcomes because he knows all outcomes before they happen.

Whatever happens, he is well-prepared.

24) He Has No Need for Self-Confidence Because He is Sure of Everything

It is not that he knows everything or is a know-it-all, he is simply sure of everything.

There is no confusion in his mind.

It comes naturally, it is not developed by routines or mantras or visualization – it just is.

He is certain.

25) His Lessons are Taught Telepathically

He can communicate with no words.

One look at him and you are given lessons never taught to you in 12 years of schooling.

He says nothing, but everything is said.

26) He is Perfectly Selfish and Selfless at The Same Time

The good outcome for the great man is the good outcome for all people.

It matters not about some personal petty achievement, what is good for him is good for you.

Selfish and selfless have become married in the mind of the great man.

27) He is Everywhere and Nowhere

If he is there, he is there.

If he is not there, he is in the inquiring minds of everyone there.

This is how he can be everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

He seems to know everything yet never seems to inquire about anything.

People just tell him all of their secrets because he listens.

28) He Radiates Wisdom

All who see him notice his wisdom.

Even if they do not understand his words, they understand that they have been taught something very valuable.

29) He Has No Care for Personal Gain

Because he does not care for personal gain, this is why he is wealthy.

Because he pursues nothing, everything is accomplished.

Because he does not chase material gain, material gain chases him.

30) He is Always Calm

Whether he is fishing, hiking in the woods, sitting in traffic, grocery shopping, he is always the same – calm, content, collected, certain.

31) He Has No Trouble

Nothing ever troubles him.

He does not allow a thing to trouble him.

Because he does not allow a thing to trouble him, nothing has the courage to trouble him.

Whether he is sitting in a palace or a cave , nothing is troubling.

32) He Gives Attention to Everything

Whether it be a squirrel caught in a fence, a turtle caught on a fishing hook, or a war raging in the countryside – everything is given attention the moment it needs attention.

When nothing needs attention, no attention is given.

Nothing is ignored and nothing is fretted about.

When a thing needs attention, that’s what it is given.

33) He Can Reconcile Paradox

His mind can process 2 opposing truths and know them both to be true.

Everything is and everything is not.

Up and down, left and right, black and white – they are all true in the mind of the great man.

This is what separates the wizard from the worker.

He has the knowledge that 2 seeming opposites are actually the same.

Whether you be in the presence of a great man or are a great man yourself, you understand immediately.

Words are not now and never have been necessary.

You just know.

You always did and you always will.

You have been here for eons and you always will be.

Until next time,


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  1. Best wishes for the year to come, way to go, more places, more kisses, bright future, more muscles, more girls to make angry and become a success.


  2. You embody all the traits listed in this article, and you are a living proof of every word you say.

    Five years from now, I will be that man. However, I do possess some of the traits, but still, I know it takes time, hard-work, and constant self-improvement to fully become that man.

    Happy upcoming Birthday!

  3. Thanks a lot for this article Adi. All your articles contain lots of truth inside and are pretty funny as well. This is what makes me a happy reader of your content 🙂

  4. After reading your post on masturbation I quit porn just over 30 days ago. I’ve posted a couple times on here but this is a topic that’s really shameful so I decided to post under the name Anonymous. If you’re too embarrassed to post on your normal handle I recommend you take this challenge under a fake name.

    The biggest difference for me is going from wanting to stay inside and be introverted to wanting to go outside and talk to people. Now I start conversations with strangers.

    I also feel less anxiety, less stress, and more confidence. I have more passion to go out and do things. Where before I would want to sit at home and watch a TV show now I want to play sports, go out with friends, and be social.

    When you are watching porn and jerking off it feels like you are a loser. Whenever you talk to people, there’s a feeling of “I’m secretly a loser” that people pick up on. Now that I haven’t watched porn or masturbated in a month I don’t feel like I have a secret anymore and I can be much more friendly and happy talking to people, especially girls.

    Also my sexual preferences changed – I went from liking fit girls to “softer” girls. I feel more primal.

    I used to jerk off whenever I was stressed. Now I have to face problems head on. I’ve made some important positive changes in my life because of this. I strongly recommend every guy to apply no-fap November for life, your life will change.


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