Podcast Episode #13

Episode #13 Highlights: 1:14 The 3 Keys to becoming mentally stronger 2:52 “Food” that destroys your positive mental energy 3:47 Developing superior (better) brain chemistry 5:00 WHY you MUST fix your nutritional deficiencies to prevent disease, supercharge your energy and be Blissful <<— This is critical for your MINDSET! (see resources below) 6:50 The “secret” … Read more Podcast Episode #13

How to Feel Very Good (Like you won the lottery)

Most people have no idea how good our bodies are designed to feel. I am not talking about using toxic pharmaceutical drugs or taking recreational drugs to feel good. Drugs do not make you feel better, they just temporarily suppress symptoms. If you don’t feel good, ask yourself “what is causing me to not feel … Read more How to Feel Very Good (Like you won the lottery)