18 Bad-Ass Bodybuilding Tips (Part Three)

It’s time for the Finale…

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1) Use Protein Supplements Wisely

Newsflash: Most bodybuilding and fitness magazines are owned by supplement companies.

To gain muscle and burn fat you do not have to take their supplements.

This is why getting your info on what supplements to use from a bodybuilding magazine is the worst idea ever.

There is a reason why bodybuilding and fitness mags are loaded with supplement ads.

It’s an advertising platform for their products, most of which are total garbage.

Your body is perfectly capable of building muscle, burning fat and recovering from workouts on a diet of meat, eggs, nuts and other essential fats, with zero supplements.

I cannot tell you how often I overhear newbies and baffoons at the gym boast about their “supplement stack”.

Just one look at their physiques tells me everything I need to know about their eating and training regiment.

The right supplements CAN be useful IF your training and nutrition is on point

Unless you are lying in a hospital bed or you are on a cross-country bus ride or flight, never use supplements as a substitute for real whole food, otherwise you will be literally flushing your money down the toilet.

2) Nutrition Is KING

As I have already hammered this point home in the first 66% of this series, you can never out train a bad diet.

Nutrition is more important than cardio.

You cannot get into shape by inhaling Twinkies, drinking sodas, and eating at McDonald’s.

Every fitness magazine writer and every professional bodybuilder will tell you to eat high-carb, high protein, and low fat.

What they will never tell you is that competitive IFBB pros are on Anabolic steroids and therefore do not need to eat fat.

Fat is essential for building testosterone, testosterone is essential for building muscle.

When a bodybuilder or athlete injects synthetic testosterone daily they have no need to build it naturally.

For a natural trainee high fat, high-medium protein, and low carb is the best route.

“But eating fat makes you fat!” – No, eating fat does not make you fat unless you are eating man-made, chemically altered fats likes trans-fats and vegetable oils.

Stick to real foods that contain saturated animal fat. Fatty meat, butter, eggs, fish, whole milk (organic is best) etc… are excellent foods for the natural trainer.

There is a reason your grandfather and great-grandfather had much more testosterone than today’s men.

They ate natural foods high in fat – beef, pork, milk, eggs. They weren’t eating “health” foods like soy and wheat.

To lose weight – To lose you must eat less food.

You will hear advice saying that you need to eat MORE to lose weight.

Worse, some people actually believe this.

Saying that eating 6 times per day will increase your metabolism or some other nonsense to help you lose weight.

In a dream world this might work.

1 or 2 big meals per day is perfect for losing weight.

2 meals of steak and eggs will give you much steady energy and you will not have most, if not all, the vitamins and minerals a human needs can be found in a rare or medium steak.

Gulping down protein shakes and bars on top of eating meat and eggs will be a 100% waste of time and money.

The only exception would be if you work a physically demanding job such as construction etc on top of hitting the gym hard.

Being very physically active means your body’s demand for protein will be higher compared to someone who works a desk job and only trains once or twice a week.

3) Use Fat Burners WISELY

What I’ve found is that most fat burners work very well when it comes to burning fat and accelerating your metabolism.

But to experience maximum fat burning when using a fat burner supplement, do not take it when you are just starting on a weight loss plan and diet.

This is because when you are just starting on a diet, you will naturally burn fat without needing the help of a fat burner.

Every time you start on a new diet and training routine you are in a way “shocking” your body and metabolism with a new stimulus, and it responds by releasing (burning) fat for energy.

It takes your body about 21 days to adapt to a new stimulus (training and diet routine), at which point your fat loss will start slowing down.

This is where a strong fat burner will come into handy.

When your results start to stagnate, you shock it once more by introducing a fat burner.

Your body will respond to the shock by releasing more fat for energy.

After about four weeks, your results will peak at which point your results will once again slow or stop.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, you will need to introduce another shock to your system to keep losing.

If you’ve already reached your desired fat loss, then you can gradually taper off the fat burner until you are off of it completely.

If not, continuing to supplement with the fat burner will have very little if any effect on your physique.

Once again, none of this will work if your diet is a mess.

Make sure you are eating the right foods.

4) Use a B-Vitamin Complex

Out of all the vitamins and minerals you need to be at your best, B-vitamins are critical.

When you train hard and heavy several times a week, you deplete vital minerals and nutrients from your system.

B-vitamins are water soluble, which means your body does not store them.

Being deficient of even a single B vitamin can have a huge negative impact on your stamina and strength in the gym.

For a high-quality B vitamin complex I recommend this one on Amazon.com

There are other high quality B vitamins on the market, but make sure the one you buy is co-enzyme, as this provides your body with an advanced form of B vitamins that are easier to absorb and assimilate.

5) Take Fish-Oil

No matter if you need to drop weight or if you’re building muscle, fish oil is essential.

The sad reality is that 90% of people in America are deficient in this critical essential fat that the human body can not produce on its own.

Fish oil is a potent fat burner and it accelerates your metabolism to keep you lean while dropping weight and building muscle.

Just be careful about which products you buy as most fish oil supplements on the market are cheap and low-quality as they do not contain the required amounts of essential fats EPA and DHA that your body needs.

6) Only Use Supplements With a PROVEN Track Record

Just like there are far more inferior low-quality fish oil products on the market, there are countless bogus supplements flooding the supplement shelves and online retailers.

The shocking fact is that the supplement industry is not overseen by any regulatory agency in the United States.

That means supplement manufacturers can put whatever they want into their products.

Yep, literally whatever they want.

A study recently found that 7 out of 10 “whole-foods” based multivitamin products contained hardly any vitamins and minerals listed on the label.

Instead what was found to be inside was powdered rice with only a trace of the listed ingredients.

Even worse and more harmful, the products contained anti-nutrients that prevent your body from absorbing the vitamins and minerals from food.

If this eye opening news, then get ready to discover over a handful of dirty tricks and techniques that supplement manufacturers use when selling and marketing their products to you.

Fit Body 4 LIFE is the highly anticipated body, health and mind evolution manual that is now available to buy on Amazon.

It will show you exactly which supplements work and which products to avoid at all costs.

You will be shocked to discover what goes on behind closed doors at research conducted by the sugar, food and drug industries.

You can pick it up on Amazon.com, it may save your life or someone close to you.

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    • High blood pressure means no fat burner supplement will be safe to use. Work on your diet and lowering your stress levels to get rid of hypertension.

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