18 Bad-Ass Bodybuilding Tips (Part Two)

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1) Train at Least 5 Days Per Week

You often hear people say that 3 days per week is all it takes to get a great physique.

Don’t make me laugh.

3 days per week is nothing. You may as well be sitting at home on the couch.

Serious people train 5 or more days per week (that can include both weight training and cardio sessions).

3 days per week isn’t even the bare minimum, it’s too low of a frequency.

No matter if your goal is to pack on muscle size or drop a few pounds to get lean for the beach, the more you train the higher your metabolism will be, which means your body will be primed for burning fat and building muscle around the clock.

Unless you are recovering from an injury or you have a legit reason for only training 3 times a week such as having to work 9-10 hours a day, then you are leaving results on the table by not training more often.

2) Get a (Good) Workout Partner

Workout partners are good for accountability, working out harder/longer, and pushing yourself further.

You can push yourself harder and further and train more intensely if you have a good training partner.

You’ll be able to hit reps you would never be able to hit on your own.

You will also be held accountable for showing up to the gym.

But make sure your training partner is in the same or very similar boat as you.

By this I mean your goals must be similar.

If your goal is to gain muscle and get bigger, training with someone who only wants to lose a few pounds for the beach is not very wise.

Your training partner should never slow you down or side-track you from your goals.

If you cannot find a suitable training partner, train alone.

Training with someone who is not on the same path as you means you will be taking a few steps back every time you are in the gym.

3) Do Cardio on Your Non-Weight Training Days

Cardio is necessary for heart and lung health, but it is not necessary for weight loss.

If you missed the first article in this 3-part series, here it is again. Be sure to read tip #1 in that post before you go any further.

Read it until it crystallizes in your mind.

Whenever I see a guy (or girl) running on a treadmill like a hamster in a lab, I can not help but shake my head as I get an overwhelming sensation to smack them off the machine.

9 times out of 10 the guy or girl on the treadmill will be more than just a bit overweight.

You cannot burn off crappy food on the cardio machine in hopes of reversing or undoing the pizza, chocolate or ice cream binge.

Your diet is #1 when it comes to burning fat.

Everything else is secondary, including cardio.

Cardio is very good for heart health, lung health and it’s very good to get your body moving and your blood pumping.

Cardio is good for mental well-being, as it triggers your brain to release the natural feel-good endorphins.

Weight training also releases endorphins but in smaller amounts.

Cardio is meditative.

Apart from the final few weeks before a bodybuilding competition, I have never found it necessary to utilize cardio to lose fat (diet is key).

To get amazing fat-loss benefits from cardio it has been my experience that you need to hit cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and do moderate intensity for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Ain’t nobody got time for that much cardio (unless it’s your job) so you can rely on diet to lose fat.


Spend time walking or riding a bike to get natural cardio in.

What I’ve been doing for the past few months when not in the gym is running at the park for 30 minutes one day, then doing interval style hill-sprints on the next non-weight training day.

I am fortunate to live in an open area where there are several very steep 40-45 degree hills that are perfect for sprinting up on.

4) Train with Intensity

You have to train with intensity.

Otherwise you are just going through the motions.

You get this “hard work” mentality from bodybuilders all the time, but what exactly is “hard” work”?

Hard work is nothing but a mindset.

When you’re in the gym what you need to do is not train hard, you need to train intensely.

Intensity can be quantified, “hard work” cannot. Train intensely.

You cannot build a physique with lackadaisical training.

You can only build muscle with intense training (even on steroids you must train intensely).

I’m putting together a 30-day program called Warrior Body.

It will show you what real intensity looks like.

More info on that course and release date is coming soon.

5) Always Pay Attention to Your Form

I can not tell you how many times I witness baffoons at the gym throw weights around as if they were toy objects.

And I am not referring to huge guys who manhandle the weights.

I am talking about the noobs and show-offs who are only one sloppy repetition away from a long-term absence from the gym.

What you have to understand is that your joints and connective tissues are not something you ever want to tear apart.

That is exactly what you do when you use sloppy form, especially if the weight is heavy.

If you can not complete at least 6 reps with perfect form on an exercise, then you need to use less weight.

Again, use less weight.

Heaving weights around with sloppy form is the #1 cause of injury at the gym.

I can practically guarantee an injury free session using less weight and always paying attention to your form.

6) Breaking a Sweat is Essential

You need to sweat, that’s how you know you are training intensely.

If you ain’t sweatin’, you ain’t gettin’ results.

If you find it harder to sweat (because of air conditioning or cool weather) then you can wear a long sleeved shirt or jacket to train in.

I wear a 3/4 sleeve T-shirt to help sweat and look good at the same time.

Getting a good sweat also relieves stress and makes you feel accomplished after training.

This is because your body releases toxins through your sweat glands.

Releasing toxins makes you feel lighter, happier and clear minded.

You can also sweat it out in the sauna if your gym has one.

But just be careful and don’t overdo it as excessive sweating causes nutrient and mineral loss, which will lead to feelings of weakness and fatigue.

See you next week for the remaining 33% (part 3).


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