12 Things Every Modern Man Should Know

Imagine there are 2 men who set out on a mission to climb to the top of Success Mountain.

There is no easy path to the top of Success Mountain.

No road has been paved. These men will have to make it to the top all on their own.

These men do not know each other. Their only goal is to get to the top of Success Mountain no matter what.

These men are also very jealous of the glory (they want it all for themselves) so they tell no one else about the path they plan to take.

Because only one man can climb one path to the top of Success Mountain, they start at different entry points at the bottom of the mountain.

These 2 men take their very different paths, they pass through each un-passable pass, they make it through every bit of adversity.

Finally they reach the top of Success Mountain and give each other a high-five.

They are happy to meet each other because they are the only two who actually made it to the top.

Though thousands of other men tried and failed to climb to success, these men stuck with it until the end.

Even though they took separate paths, they each passed through their own series of obstacles to overcome adversity.

They give each other a laugh because they know that quitting is the only way to fail.

All the quitter’s gave up and said “I took the wrong way and had to climb down so I could start again.”


Our 2 heroes laugh at the pathetic excuses.

The heroes know that there is no right way or wrong way.

The path you take is meaningless because all paths, taken to the end, lead to the same place.

The only way you cannot end up at the same place (the top of Success Mountain) is if you turn around and go back down before you reach the top.

1) There Is No One-Way to Success

Everyone wants to know the rules and the laws of success.

Very few understand that rules are meant to be broken and only abided by the abiders.

It takes a rebel to achieve the mega-success that you want.

We all want to think that there is one secret rule that will guarantee you success.

And if there was one rule that absolutely guarantees success it is this:

There are no rules.

Everything is dual; Everything has poles; Everything has its pair of opposites; Like and unlike are the same; Opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; Extremes meet; All truths, are but half-truths; All paradoxes may be reconciled.” – Hermes the Thrice Great

All paths lead to the same destination.

Climb and you will reach the top.

Don’t climb and you will stay at the bottom.

2) There Are No Guarantees

So many would-be great men quit before they start because they never get a guarantee of success.

Guess what?

You will never get a guarantee of success.

That is because success only comes to those who have the nuts and the guts to go their own way and create their own success.

If success guarantees existed then everybody would be a success, wouldn’t they?

If there were “sure things” then everybody would follow them and poverty and starving would vanish overnight.

In fact, there is only one sure thing in the world: No risk, no reward.

The reality is that success is only for the few and the brave.

Weak and the cowardly men will never achieve success, and don’t deserve success, because they never took the initial risk that sparks the rewards.

You have to be a go-getter, you have to have big-balls and you have to go get it.

3) Masturbating Will Destroy You

They will tell you masturbation it is healthy but look at all the wimpish girly “men” around you.

They are physically sick and they are deranged in the head.

Chronic masturbators remain in the same spot in their life year after year.

What causes them to remain failures?

You guessed it:


What causes mental weakness and derangement?

You guessed it.


Jerking off causes you an ENOURMOUS amount of ill effects, both mental and physical.

Retaining your vital sexual energy (not Jerking off) causes you to become a Superman.

Not masturbating is the secret key of success for men.

Jacking off will ruin your body and your mind quickly.

There is only one way to have a healthy body and a sharp mind for all of your life, it is by preserving your vital sexual energy and letting it energize you.

When you masturbate you gain nothing, there is ZERO reward, greatness or Bliss to be found in releasing your vital seed to pornography (or on hookups).

When you masturbate (constantly release your seed) you weaken your mind and your body by making yourself more susceptible to illness and disease (by killing your natural immunity), lowering your mental acuity, increasing your fear, heightening your anxiety, inducing a depressed state and many other ill health effects.

When you abstain, you become strong, disciplined, focused, calm, fearless, accomplished and on your way to greatness and self-mastery.

4) College Is a Waste of Time.

30 or 40 years ago going to college was a worthy investment, but even then it was only in a small number of career studies that college was worth attending for.

Today they trick you into believing you need college to make money.

Then they make you get loans to pay for the promise of a future.

When this future promise is not fulfilled and you don’t get a job what do you do?

You go BACK to university to get more education to get a good paying job.

You fool.

You never get this promised job but you do get to start your adult life in massive debt.

Debt is death.

Look at the similarity of these words: Debt = Dead.

Do not start life in the hole because it feels like death!

Never get a loan for college because it does not pay off.

Now days American university is absolute garbage unless you want to be a dentist or a medical doctor or a lawyer.

“But what about STEM?”

STEM is the biggest scam in the history of scams.

They pretend it’s a really great field with great promise but what they deliver to you is slave wages.

Don’t believe any of it!

You make your own way in this world and if you don’t, you don’t get any rewards.


You can learn almost everything on your own.

Never stop learning, get a MENTOR (coach) and never stop reading books.

Remember that most self-made millionaires are NOT college graduates.

5) Common Sense Will Make You Rich

You will notice two things about every college graduates: 1) they are retarded beyond belief because they have ZERO common sense and 2) they struggle financially.

These college graduates use big words and produce almost no results.

You listen to them talk and you have to squint your eyes to try and think what the heck they actually mean.

The wise man does not use an endless string of big words.

He says exactly what he means in the simplest language.

That’s is how you know an intelligent person from a dummy.

A college graduate will over-complicate everything to the point that nothing can be accomplished.

A wise man will boil everything down to the basics because it is only the basics that get you results.

A wise entrepreneur will see one simple obvious problem and one simple obvious fix and get rich from it.

That is all it takes to make real money.

These two words are your best friends: Yes & No.

Intelligent answer: Are you hungry? Yes.

Stupid answer: Are you hungry? Um, well, you know, I guess I could eat.

College graduates are completely unable to say yes and no.

Do not share their fate. (Note: I am speaking only of today’s modern American university graduates.)

6) Pick the Right Female (never date deranged Western women)

If you want to get married (which I do not recommend in America), it is important to know what to look for and have some common sense.

You 100% positively must be CERTAIN that who you marry and start a family with isn’t a looney tune.

That’s almost impossible in America today because nearly every woman is a nut-bar on psychiatric drugs, way out of touch with reality and hopelessly irredeemable.

To ensure you don’t date deranged women, you must know what to look for (and avoid).

Follow these general (but super important) rules:

  • If she has tattoos, say No.
  • If she has piercings anywhere but her ears, it’s a No.
  • If she constantly has headphones in her ear, it’s a No.
  • If she routinely wakes up late, it’s a No.
  • If she is sarcastic, it’s a No.
  • If she’s private about her phone, dump her.
  • If she’s secretive or elusive, say No.
  • If she’s heavily involved in social media, dump her.
  • If she heavily follows celebrity gossip, it’s a No
  • If she curses frequently, dump her.
  • If she dislikes children, dump her.
  • If she drinks alcohol, smokes or uses drugs, dump her.

Always remember that the number one thing you look for in a female is a good heart.

7) Always be Calm, Cool, and Collected (ABC-by being detached)

There is no point in getting emotionally invested in anything.


If you become emotionally attached to the outcome you will exhaust yourself, stress yourself and make yourself become a nervous wreck.

Care about things, sure, but be detached.

“I’d like for A to happen, but if B happens I will be fine.

If A happens I will not change.” You have to be like a rock.

If you win a game, don’t gloat.

If you lose a game, don’t pout.

This is the essence of manliness. In a world long ago they called it Stoicism.

I just call it ABC – Always. Be. Calm.

8) Avoid the Rat Race

The average person does not want to get out of the rat race, they are absorbed in it.

Even when they get out of their jobs, they still run the rat race on social media.

Posting pictures to get “likes” and more “upward mobility.”

Most people cannot be saved because they do not want to be saved.

That is great news for you.

For you there is no competition.

They are too busy running on the hamster wheel to give you any competition.

For a wise man the world of success is wide open because most people are glued to their phones, addicted to junk food, fast food, pharma drugs, social media, shopping malls and Netflix.

Essentially anything you want to do (within reason) you can do.

Of course you must pick something you are naturally good at.

If you pick something you are not good at you are wasting your time.

Pick something you are good at and then spend your life becoming great at it.

When you become a Master at your craft, you will be in the top 2% of the World’s population because most people are too distracted, too impatient, too instant-oriented, too addicted to social media, too dumbed-down, too out of shape, too drugged up, and just too lazy to master anything.

9) Embrace Modern Technology (But Do Not Get Addicted to Technology)

Most people who have a smartphone (that would be almost everyone alive over the age of 12), are hopelessly addicted to it.

They are addicted to the candy-like colors of their smartphone.

There is BIG difference between using your phone for an hour or two a day and being addicted (constantly checking and responding to messages).

Constantly responding to every text, tweet and phone call is a form of slavery.

Constantly being on your phone does not make for a great life, happiness and bliss.

Life happens out in the REAL WORLD, it does not happen on a free app on your phone (facebook, instagram etc..)

Addicts respond to their phones ringing and buzzing like crack heads respond to their crack dealer:

Immediate reaction.

Constantly reacting means you are constantly distracted.

No chronically distracted great man ever existed.

10) You Are Full of Crap (literally)

If you are over the age of 30 and you have never done a colon cleanse or gotten a colonic, I can assure you 100% that you have anywhere between 8 and 15 pounds (at least) of undigested fecal matter stuck in your colon.

Whenever you eat meat, your digestive system can not 100% fully digest it (especially red meat).

That is about the only drawback to eating a lot of meat.

This undigested food stuff gets stuck in your colon and it stays there unless it’s cleared/cleaned out.

It does not come out when you go poop.

This is bad, bad news.

Undigested fecal matter causes you to experience negative emotions as it seeps from your intestines into your bloodstream, which also affects (lowers) your energy levels, contributes to a negative thoughts, lowers your mood and makes you less optimistic, less happy.

Eating junk food, fast food and processed food all increases toxic colon gunk dramatically.

But there is good news:

After you do a colon cleanse (or get a colonic), you can expect to lose between 5 and 15 pounds immediately, feel much more bright, positive and optimistic, double your energy levels and feel 5-10 years younger.

Click Here to buy the colon cleanse product that I use and highly recommend (Amazon.com).

While you’re at it you should also do a Candida Cleanse, Heavy Metal Cleanse, Whole Body Cleanse and a Heavy Metal Cleanse.

11) Food is the #1 Most Powerful Drug on Earth

The food you eat (and avoid eating) has a massive impact on your mood, your mental outlook, your emotional state and your energy.

Most people load their body’s up with a ton of toxins, every day.

These toxins are created in the food manufacturing process (the biggest reason to stay away from processed food).

They also come from personal care products such as deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, make-up etc..

The more unnatural food you eat and the more personal care products you put on your skin, the more deadly toxins you will have floating around inside your brain and body.

You will NEVER feel incredible, calm, optimistic, positive, emotionally stable, clear minded, mentally sharp, focused naturally energetic and blissful unless you AVOID/dramatically cut down your consumption (STOP EATING) the following:

  • Wheat products (anything containing gluten)
  • Food and drinks with artificial sweeteners (sugar free candy, sugar free/ “Keto” ice cream), diet soda, diet “weight-loss” products/foods etc..
  • Boxed, packaged and canned foods (are all loaded with many different chemicals and preservatives)
  • Microwaved foods (microwaving food causes the destruction of vital enzymes and turns the food into something unnatural that your body does not recognize). Avoid microwaving at al costs if you want to avoid cancer and neurological disorders/disease.
  • Tap water (tap/unfiltered water is super-toxic as it has fluoride, chlorine and many other chemicals in it that is used to treat the water at your city’s/towns water processor/plant. ONLY drink, bathe, and shower in FILTERED water. Search Amazon.com for water filters if you don’t already use them in your home. There are many great filters to choose from.
  • Foods with “Natural/Artificial Flavors”. Thanks to a loophole in the FDA food labeling law, food manufacturers can put up to 1500 different CHEMICALS under the terms “Natural Flavors” in food. Another big reason to avoid eating food from cans, boxes and jars.
  • Any food with unnatural “seasonings” such as MSG. Read the book “Excitotoxins; The Taste That Kills”
  • Frequently drink alcohol (alcohol is a depressant, literally makes you depressed!)
  • Use recreational drugs on a regular basis (see alcohol)
  • Consume non-organic “conventional” fruits and vegetables
  • You eat high-carb foods every day (low-carb is not just for weight-loss).

12) Politics Are Just a Show

They call it political theater for a reason.

Do you really think politicians have time to be on television doing pointless debates and appearing on countless television programs while at the same time running anything in this country?

Get real.

The job of a politician is to win the vote.

After they do this, their job is to do what the people who pay them want them to do.

News flash: The citizens do not pay the politicians.

Even if the politicians actually did run the country it makes no difference because they do not answer to you.

This is why they tell you one thing before they get elected and then do another thing (what they were intending to do anyway) after they get elected.

They need your vote and nothing else.

It is pointless to waste your time with an interest in politics.

It is the same as watching professional wrestling or soap operas or “reality” television.

Being engaged in the watching of politics slowly enfeebles you the same way watching sports or soaps enfeebles you.

You lose sense of reality and you lose sense of your own power.

You become whatever it is they are trying to make you become.

You must be you at all costs, and the cost of being you is never being entrapped in politics, or sports, or television shows.

“But doesn’t my vote matter?”

Don’t make me laugh.

The only thing that matters is picking the people who are voted on and you as a citizen have nothing to do with this.

They pick the candidates and they make sure the candidates have the exact same agenda so it doesn’t matter who you vote for, they are all bought and paid for by the big money (multi-billionaires) of the world.

It does not matter if it’s this candidate or that candidate, this party or that party, all are on basically the same agenda.

Caring about politics will change nothing.

Ultimately when you pay too much attention to politics and the news you become outraged over nothing.

You cannot achieve meaningful success, mastery and greatness by being emotionally invested in something you have zero control over.

Until next time,


P.S. BONUS: 13) Don’t Watch or Read the News

Turn on the news and what do you see?

Oh God, racism, sexism, war, poverty, mass shootings, rape, genocide, destruction everywhere!

Meanwhile, go outside and the birds are chirping, the wind is blowing, and people are living normal lives.

Everything they say on the news is not reflective of the real world.

They pick the most extreme examples or they lie outright.

They do this to traumatize your mind.

Watching the news is a big mistake because it has the hypnotic ability to make you believe what they say.

When your mind becomes traumatized (by believing what they say), you start living in FEAR.

And when you live in fear you are easy to control.

When you are easy to control you can be told to do just about anything (i.e, getting vaccinated).

If they talk about racism, you will believe racism is a real thing and is the cause of your problems.

It isn’t.

You are responsible for your own life.

The Jew, the blacks, the whites are responsible for their own.

The reality is that not everybody will like you.

You are a damn moron if you think people should NOT SEE your skin color.

What kind of moron cannot see skin color?

I got news for you, friend;

Human beings are the most judgmental creatures on planet Earth.

People like their own more than they like you.

Whites like whites, blacks like blacks, Asians like Asians, Midgets like Midgets, etc…

Short people like other short people, married people like other married people, smart people like other smart people, rich people like dealing with other rich people (not always, but in general terms).

That is REALITY.

Go outside and you will see blacks getting along with whites getting along with Asians just fine.

There is almost no racism crime except on the news.

Start a conversation with Chad, Tyrone, Muhammad, Jose, and Mr. Wu and you will see that people are just people.

All of them like their own people more than they like you and all people are mostly nice at their core and want the same things.

People get along with each other just fine, until they’ve been brainwashed by the media to hate each other for made-up reasons.

The news makes good people retarded so stay away from it.

Now days so called “journalists” have very little integrity and will outright LIE just to have their “News” story featured on a broadcast or in the newspaper.

That means they can say and publish just anything about anyone, and people will believe it as the truth!

It’s all about ratings for them.

Remember these 3 ancient words of wisdom: KISS MY ASS.

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  1. Fantastic blog post Adi as always. If it wasn’t for you I would never have started eating low carb/keto and living simply like our ancestors did.. This post in particular is full of such useful knowledge for young men. Keep up the amazing work.

  2. Good article, it is so true that the only obstacle in your way is yourself. I learned that myself. However I worked on myself and eventually mastered myself, not completely but enough to make my dreams a reality. The way you see and think about yourself is everything.

  3. This is exactly what I needed Adi, you are changing my life, like for real, i was living in the culterscape ,but now im hustling and doing things that i love.
    Thank you Adi!

  4. Thiѕ is a really good post particularly to those fresh to the manosphere.
    Real sh*t! Appreciate your sharing this one. A must read article!

  5. My Man!! Feeling pumped up! Sometimes I feel like the world doesn’t get me and watching my friends and family do the wrong shit is exasperating to the say the least. Took a break from school (I don’t think i’ll go back) to focus on making cash online.

    I didn’t like the path of mediocrity I was headed to and whenever I mentioned this to family and friends they made me feel like am going bananas…f them for accepting a mediocre life.

    I accepted that going my own way means every day is a rise to meet the challenge and having more freedom is what keeps me going. Your posts keep me motivated during the rough times …can’t wait to get to the top of the mountain and give you a high-five!


  6. All are spot on, except that sex kills as much of your energy as masturbating (if not more) and also creates an addictive feedback loop on par with heroin…there are studies done by Holstadt and others on this.

    Sex is the biggest addiction and it is only an addiction because we are bombarded with lusty images via the media.

    If the media promotes something, it’s usually bad. Humans in natural settings don’t go uncontrollably horny at the sight of a woman’s breasts or other body parts. Modern clothing, low-cut dresses, excessive makeup, and sex propaganda drive this most destructive addiction.

    The very same vital fluid lost in masturbation is lost during sex. To think otherwise is foolish.

  7. This article goes real deep.. so much truth that young/modern men need to know. Just read all of the other posts.

    Thanks for this one Adi, nice to see that articles keep coming. I like the podcast, but written articles are the real meat for me.

  8. Amen. It would be great to have had this knowledge at 18. But then at 18 I was so stupid I might not have recognized wisdom even if I had seen it. But the great thing is it’s never too late to put things right, the past doesn’t exist. Reading your blog for the past year has brought me tremendous mental clarity and a ton of insight.

    Regrets that demotivate you are worse than useless, because the past, being unchangeable, and the only thing we can do is learn from our past mistakes. Might as well not exist for all intents and purposes if we don’t learn from our mistakes.. Only right now and the road ahead are real.

    Stay blessed,


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