12 MORE Things Every Modern Man Should Know

1) Travel Is a Great Teacher

Travel is the best teacher you will ever know.

Especially if you are Western (American or Canadian).

The problem with North America is that we live in intense propaganda from the time we are born (from the media and the school systems).

When you visit other countries you see just how bamboozled we have been by our own country.

When you go to other countries you see them eating natural food, and smiling, being happy, joyful and Blissful and you can see the lies that you were taught.

Travel is the great eye-opener.

Travel is not as expensive as you think it is.

Tickets can be had for cheap (if you book a few months ahead), you can sleep in Airbnb’s for a lot less than Hotels, local food is always cheap, and you will have more fun the less money you spend.

The more money you spend, the less fun you have.

Travel to other countries is very important and it will give you a better education than any university will.

Travel within the United States is the 2nd best teacher.

When you travel within the United States you soon realize just how massive USA really is.

You will see and meet people who are both very similar (and very different) from you.

When you travel you realize just how insignificant you are and how you are just a TINY part of this vast country and this massive planet.

Travel will ground you.

It will level your ego and allow you to see humanity from an elevated perspective.

But in order to realize this you must travel with an open mind and develop an elevated sense of awareness.

Awareness is the key to taking in all the wonderful sights and sounds of this world.

2) Do the Opposite of Everything They Say to Do

The common advice is always wrong.

That is why the common man is always fat, stupid, sick, and broke.

They’ll tell you straight to your face what to do to achieve what they have achieved – mediocrity.

If you detest mediocrity and yearn for greatness then all you must do is exactly the opposite of what these people tell you to do.

“Work real hard and retire rich at 65.”

Nope, get rich right now.

“Go to school and get a good education and get a good job.”


Skip school, never go into debt for any reason, build your own business and live life on your terms.

“Get married and start a family.”

Nope, not with the sorry state of American women and the “justice” system.

This is one of the most dangerous things you can do today so you must be smart about it.

3) The Only Barrier to Success is Yourself

Failures love to blame everybody for their failures.

Well, almost everybody.

They always forget to blame the real person who is responsible for their failure: themselves.

If you want to see the person who is holding you back, go to a mirror and look directly into your own eyes.

That person is your biggest enemy to success.

It is self-sabotage that kills art careers before they ever get started.

Before laying the blame on others, you’ve got to overcome self-sabotage and conquer your fear of success.

Say to yourself, “I can do it, I will do it, and nobody will stop me.”

Say it enough and it will become true.

4) It’s OK to Be White

In our modern education and media systems, white men are the creators of all the bad things in the world.

These are lies.

They lie because they want to demoralize you and make you dependent on them.

The reality is that the white race is responsible for many (nearly all) of the great things that exist in the world.

White men are not the slave owners, white men were the first in the history of the world to say that slavery is wrong and abolish it.

Slavery still exists in nearly all non-white countries to this day.

Women were never oppressed by white men.

White women have always played a prominent and important role in the life of white people.

Women are always treated with respect in the white world, it is only in other areas of the world that women are treated as property and as slaves (take a hard look at middle Eastern countries like Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Afghanistan etc.. where women get stoned and burned for standing up to men and breaking petty laws).

Everything they say about whites is a LIE.

Don’t listen.

White guilt is a curse they teach you in school, it isn’t real and natural.

There is nothing to be guilty about if you are a white man in America.

White men are not the oppressors, they are the liberators.

Racism isn’t a real issue.

It’s a made-up issue designed to divide people because when people are divided, they are easily conquered.

5 Ignorance = DEATH

You may be surprised to learn that most people in this world choose to be ignorant.

How can that be?

Well look at the word ignorance.

The first part of the word is IGNORE.

Ignorant people choose to ignore intelligence.

They ignore books.

They ignore learning.

They ignore independent thinking.

They ignore researching anything for themselves.

That is why they are ignorant, because they choose to ignore intelligence.

Instead of thinking for themselves, they let other people do their thinking for them.

When you let other people do your thinking for you, you lose.

The reality is that it takes intelligence to build (and accomplish) anything of value in this world.

It takes intelligence to build a business.

It takes intelligence to say “no” to being a modern degenerate (watching modern movies, TV, news, consuming internet porn, junk food, fast food etc..)

It takes intelligence and SELF-DISCIPLINE to achieve self-mastery, Bliss, and true health.


Being too scared to act will lead you to a life of poverty.

You know what I learned about people who live in true poverty in the USA?

They are SCARED of everything.

They are FRIGHTENED of everything.

They are scared to go to restaurants because they are petrified of what people think of them.

They are scared to go to water-parks, they are scared to go to any place outside of their slum.

It is true for all ghetto slums in the world – the people that live there are terribly frightened of anything outside of their ghetto.

They are petrified silly of what people think of them.

They are so scared about what people think about them being poor, that they remain poor by being too frightened to ever try to get themselves out of poverty.


Nothing else.

7) You Must Be Your Own #1 Doctor (keep yourself healthy)

It’s up to you to keep yourself healthy for a lifetime.

You cannot abuse and degrade your body and expect some doctor to fix you.

It doesn’t work like that.

You make yourself sick and you must make yourself well.

Eating well does not mean you have to become a fanatic or a health nut.

Health freaks are ALWAYS sickly and “allergic” to numerous foods.

The more foods you limit from your diet the more sickly you get and the foods your body cannot tolerate.

You have to eat well, sure, but you also have to sometimes eat like a modern human.

Every once in a while you need a little bit of poison to be immune to the poison.

Eat raw and Organic for the most part but also enjoy your pancakes with butter and maple syrup, occasional barbecues, french vanilla ice cream, and whatever else you want.

BUT,– eating junk food and processed food (often) will shorten your life and make you miserable, depressed, constipated, bloated, lethargic, brain-fogged and slow.

Until it eventually kills you (heart attack, stroke, Alzhimers, Dementia etc..)

Don’t eat only clean food an don’t eat only bad food, find a good balance.

About 80% clean and 20% dirty is a good option (if you want to be bodybuilder lean, change that ratio to 90%/10%).

Don’t ever take pills to cure psychological or mental issues.

A pill is no substitute for fresh fruits and veggies, sunshine, purified water, meditation and other de-stressing techniques and exercise.

Pharma pills only temporarily suppress symptoms (the problem), they do not fix the problem, they do not cure you, they do not make the problem go away.

Your job is to fix any problems that arise.

8) College Is an Impediment to Your Success (and to your independence)

American Universities are brainwashing facilities, they are not institutions of higher learning.

When you go to university you are taught to hate.

Hate is not inborn in us, love is.

When we go to universities we learn that white men are evil oppressors and they teach you to live with hate.

They teach blacks to hate whites, women to hate men, and whites to hate themselves.

Universities pretend to be “anti-hate” but they are the real creators of hate.

Stay way from them and you will always be happy and smart.

Universities also do not teach you to be successful, they teach you to parrot what they say.

You don’t learn in college, you mimic.

This helps you to become a good economic slave, get a “good job”, and live your life as a debt slave.

9) Debt Is Slavery

As an American you are taught form birth to be a consumer.

Consume, consume, consume!

Nearly everything you see, read, and hear is advertising designed to get you to buy something.

You are taught that to be successful, you must have “stuff”.

But actually, buying stuff is a fool’s errand that ends in debt slavery.

You even go into debt to go to the brainwashing facilities called universities.

Your entire life is designed to get you into debt and to get you so greedy that you will always stay in debt because you want to buy more stuff.

Newsflash: Stuff doesn’t make you happy, it enslaves you.

Several years ago I started cutting out clutter from my life by getting rid of most of my stuff.

Some people call it Minimalism, I just call it uncluttering.

When you don’t have clutter clogging up your workspace , apartment or house, your mind becomes incredibly clear and free.

Whenever I walk into someones home and see stuff lying around everywhere, uncleanliness, trash, stuffed, unorganized drawers and closets, dirty fridge etc.., I immediately know that this person’s mind is a cluttered and chaotic mess.

Your environment is a manifestation (reflection) of your MIND.

Free your mind by getting rid of most of your stuff.

Even if you can afford 20 pairs of shoes, 5 cars and 3 motorcycles, living with less always equals more happiness.

When you own a lot of stuff, it ultimately starts to own you (maintenance costs, insurance, space, storage etc, etc…)

Be happy with less and never go into debt for any reason, ever.


10) Equality Is a Sick Joke

There is no such thing as “equality”.

How can a man who is ripped, strong, chiseled and disciplined be equal to a masturbating couch potato with a beer belly and the Testosterone levels of an eleven year old girl scout?

They cannot ever be equal.

There is no such thing as equality in the real world.

They teach you equality only because they want to take everything from you.

If you think equality is real, and if you believe you have some imagined privilege, then you are happy enough to give up everything to the so-called “oppressed”.

The reality is that the race for equality is a race to the bottom.

People are not equal and when you try to make people equal the only thing you do is drag everybody down to the bottom to be equal with the lowest common denominator.

You cannot raise everybody to the level of the greatest in society, with equality it is only possible to lower everybody to the level of the worst.

Belief in equality is a farce designed to rob you of your money, your birthright, your morality, and your soul.

Never preach equality and never believe in equality because it will result in your destruction.

Feminism, SJWism, Liberalism are all lies designed to take away freedom from you.

Nobody is equal and you will be judged by your deeds alone.

11) Political Correctness Is Forced Political Indoctrination

Political correctness is forced political indoctrination, it is not a scheme to look after everybody’s feelings.

Political correctness is used to make sure you do not call out politicians on their evil, sadistic, and traitorous behavior.

Political correctness teaches you to believe in the opposite of reality.

Because you believe in the opposite of reality, you are easily controlled.

You live in a virtual world (on your phone, on social media, etc..) and deny the existence of the real world.

To believe in political correctness is to deny reality.

It forces you to lie and lying is a crime against yourself.

Telling big lies will cause you to become mentally ill and unstable, which is why so many Americans are on anti-anxiety medications.

12) The Best Diet for Your Health is The Meat-Only Diet

This one could easily be #1 on this list.

Most of our sickness in this world is a result of eating food we are not meant to eat.

The food we are not meant to eat are carbohydrates and sugar.

We are hunters by nature and the food we are meant to eat is meat and organs from animals.

Sickness isn’t “genetic” and it doesn’t come from nowhere.

Sickness always has a cause, and 9 times out of 10 the cause is eating the wrong food.

Nearly all ailments will disappear when you follow the zero/very low-carb caveman diet.

Saturated animal fat and cholesterol do not harm your health, they are vital to your health.

Saturated fat is only bad for you in the presence of refined carbohydrates and sugar.

Vegetables, grains, and fruits cannot be fully digested (in large amounts) by humans and do not provide us with all the vitamins that we need.

Eat lots of fresh, pasture raised meat and wild fish every day and you will become super-healthy and strong.

No pill, potion, supplement, powder or diet plan will ever make you truly healthy, happy and disease free. 

Only a real human diet will.


P.S. BONUSES — #13, #14 & #15

13) You Must Choose the Right Wife/Partner (like a business decision)

Women want you to marry them so that they have security in the future.

Typically, in the modern world women want to marry you so that you can provide for them for a few years and then they can divorce you and get child support/alimony for many more years.

In the modern world, women can divorce you for any reason and you are still forced by the courts to pay for her.

You have to hold up your end of the bargain, she doesn’t.

The best way is to never get married.

There is no benefit for you to get married.

Marriage only ever benefits the woman.

It benefits the women by taking everything from you, including your manhood.

Look at all of the people you know who are married and look closely at the man.

Is he anything other than the economic slave of his wife?

If you do get married you have to treat it like a business decision and pick the right wife. You must understand the problems you are up against so that you may overcome them.

14) Alcohol, Marijuana, and Cigarettes are Poison

It is always best to have a clear mind, 98% of the time.

People use these drugs to escape reality, but to be a successful man in this world you must face reality head-on.

All of all these addictions are easy to break if you understand how addictions work.

All addictions cause the problems that they then fix.

Cigarettes cause the anxiety you get when you don’t have a cigarette, then you smoke a cigarette and temporarily cure this “anxiety”.

Soon, you get the anxiety again and need a cigarette to cure it.

It is the act of smoking cigarettes in the first place that causes the initial anxiety.

The same method is how all addictions work.

All narcotics poison your mind, they do not “open your mind”.

They are poisons.

Look at every person you know who uses drugs to see proof.

The best mind is a natural mind free from intoxicants.

I get a lot of questions about Marijuana and if it is OK to use.

Unfortunately, Marijuana does not make your cognition better, it reduces it.

If you use Marijuana often (daily) it becomes a poison that kills your drive, your mental acuity, and your testosterone.

Occasionally using it in the form of an edible is OK, BUT YOU MUST LIMIT yourself to once or twice a week at most (never more, and only at NIGHT when your day is finished, i.e. no work and no cognitive mental tasks such as driving a car, operating machinery etc..).

Other than helping you unwind and chill out, Marijuana has some potent medical uses for cancer patients and people afflicted with other serious diseases.

While Marijuana is 10x safer and better than any pharmaceutical drug, it is a potent medicinal plant (natural drug) that should only be used in moderation on occasion.

15) Spend More Time OUTDOORS (the Mountains are Best)

Your smartphone will kill your eyes, your brain, and your concentration.

You should spend little to no time on your smartphone and little to no time on social media.

It will kill your concentration and your happiness and you will always believe that other people have more than you do and you will become jealous over nothing.

Social media only shows the best angle from anyone’s life, it never shows the real them.

The best thing you can do for your health, wealth, and happiness is to go spend time in nature doing natural things.

We as humans are meant to live in nature (outside), we are not meant to live in boxes spending all of our time in the virtual (fake) reality of the internet and smartphones.

We need sunshine, fresh, cool air, outdoor exercise, – every day.

The modern life kills our health, mental and physical.

It is only by going out in nature often that you become truly healthy and happy.


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  1. Hello Adi, thanks for this great article. I’ve to disagree with the one about not using Marijuana every day/.
    I have Insomnia and weed before bed is the only thing that helps me fall asleep at night. Thanks again though and have a nice day.

  2. Whenever you write an article I feel excited about what new things life will teach us, you’re the guy who I actually want to be and have seen a lot of progress in my life. After reading your articles my life has completely been changed, I am now more respected, sharper. I have seriously got rid of my old self, except a few things that I have to take care of, like my stupid belly. Now I have also got a part-time job at the age of 18 (the 9-5 jive) which ultimately I will get rid of as I am earning some money like $8 and mainly because I am getting some exposure. And I wake up at 5am and do my workout. Hope I will see some more progress at age 21 as by that time I want to be completely prepared for my life. Will talk to you soon sir.

    Thanking You,
    Yours Faithfully,
    Belassimo Viggore.

  3. Life-changing article! Just curious what do you eat before sleep?
    I heard carbs are bad to have at night due to insulin spikes increasing fat storing.

  4. Hi Adi.
    Another Great post.

    That part of EQUALITY is what I explained to someone recently.
    The society was never designed for us all to be equal.
    It’s the reality that is not real to majority.

    Thanks for your post.
    A fan of your blog for over 3 years.
    All the way from NIGERIA.

  5. I’m saving all the money I can. Never married no kids. Working on my online business six days a week. Leaving to another country in January because America has no feeling of belonging anymore.

  6. Powerful stuff.. it’s sad that most AMericans are too brainwashed and absorbed into the Matrix (manufactured/fake reality) to ever see the truth of the country and world they live in. Looking forward to seeing more posts like this.

    -Hunter J.


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